It's a Dog's Life

"Mammy, have a look out here!"

"Can you see what I see?"

Er, no. All I see is the slobbery mess you leave on my windows.

"Right over there...."

Oh, I see him - it's Big Brother!

*Sigh* "I wish I was outdoors"

"Instead, I'm stuck indoors, with just you for company ...

...when I could be out with him!"

Sorry, pal, but he's clearly got eyes only for his rams. You just don't count, I'm afraid.

"Oh well, he's gone now."

"And that'll be that, then..."


  1. what a sweet and watchful beauty!

  2. He looks so sad in that last picture.

  3. Such a beautiful dog. He must be so much fun.

  4. Wish he could have gone out!

  5. My windows have decorations by our dog too!

  6. We have our own brand of Nose juice art! Pixie Nose Art-our Jack Russell and Dachshund rescue, Pixie, leaves her art all in a line on the living room window. She does this while she walks on the back of the couch surveying her domain! Your pooch is quite the artist too!!!

  7. Poor Jackson! If he stayed outside more would he disturb the peace barking at the sheep and cattle all the live long day??

  8. Poor guy, I bet he would love to be out running around. I know my dog gets like that when the boys are outside and she is stuck with boring ole me. I loved the pictures.


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