Beached Whale ....

Beached Whale ... and it's not me in a wet suit...

Katie and I took a run down to Port Beach today,

because we were told there was a ...

beached whale.

It was breezy, very cool and there were heavy showers soaking us.  

But when there are beached whales in the vicinity, bloggers head off with camera in hand.

And here's the Minke whale that was washed up on the shore earlier today.

That is some size o' tongue...

I spoke with two Marine somethings....

who reckoned the whale died a day or two ago.

I also spoke with a local fisherman, 

who reckoned it had been dead for weeks.

Going by the smell ...

I'd be more inclined to go with the 'weeks' theory.

Although, of course, I'm no expert.

Except on smells, and that smell is still in my nostrils.

And I need a coffee and cake to get rid of it.


  1. awww. hope it died of natural causes.

  2. That would be quite a sight to see . . . and to smell.

  3. Oh poor whale. We don't see many whales on our beach that we go too but we do see dead seals and sea lions. I know how bad it can smell. Always this time of year too. That is a huge tongue.

  4. Homeschool anatomy lesson! It took some willpower to resist taking home a raven skull we found on a hike this week. I could just hear my husband's "WTH?!" in my mind as I was considering it. Gross tongue!

  5. Poor whale! Reminds me of a song..."In eighteen-hundred and fifty-three, on June, the thirteenth day, our gallant ship, her anchor weighed..."

  6. Ew! I would imagine the whale is dead regardless of how long. :-) How did they get rid of it?

  7. Interesting to see the whale, but sad that it died all the same. I cannot imagine the smell.

  8. You may have heard of our famous whale incident here in Oregon:

    1. I posted a link to this on my FB page last night, Lillibeth!!! We laughed so much (though we wouldn't have been, had we been there!).

      A definite How-not-to-get-rid-of-a-beached-whale ...!!

  9. she who cooks GUGA has a problem with dead whale?? *raises eyebrows*

    1. But the guga aint old and stinky.

      Oh... hang on.... ;)

  10. Poor whale... I've never seen a beached whale, though I heard there was one near hear a few months ago. That is one big tongue!


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