Wednesday's Words...on Thursday Again!

Yes, it's Thursday, so it must be time for Wednesday's Words....

Go figure!

Here are Patrice's questions for this week:

1. How are you doing with your weight goals this summer?

Not too well. I only need to lose about 6 pounds to have all my summer clothes fitting properly. But I just love my food too much.

2. Has summer been relaxing or just as busy as ever?

Summer is always really busy. It's a different kind of busy to the other times of the year, but we see lots of people at this time of year, and, of course, we have the plot to keep us really, really busy.

3. How many times have you gone swimming this summer?

Huh?! None. Do you mean in a pool? Or in the sea?

Actually, I don't need to know, because the answer is still None.

4. Have you been to any of your class reunions?

No. We had a reunion when our class turned 40, but I didn't go. Hey, it was in town and so it meant me leaving the comforts of home. I had thought we'd have a reunion that year for our local school class, and I would have gone to that. Sadly, it didn't happen... Maybe when we're turning 50. Fifty! Boy, that can't be me I'm talking about...

5. If you could choose one of the following ways to spend the day, which would it be?
    -a picnic
    -a day on a boat
    -shopping at a mall
    -visiting an old friend

I would like the picnic, but the weather would have to be warm and sunny. We had a warm, sunny day last Monday, so I'm not sure if that's going to happen again this summer. I would choose visiting an old friend. We'd talk, and eat, and talk, and have cups of tea and cake, and talk. Yes, that'll be my 

Over the past half hour, I've had to comfort the Wee Guy who was in tears. I'll tell you tomorrow what his tears were about. He is the sweetest little soldier ever.


  1. So glad you posted your anwers always make me laugh like it was sunny on Monday??? I love hearing about your weather.

  2. I haven't been swimming either. The thought of being in a suit is scary. :-)

  3. 6 lbs isn't bad!

    I had a bad reaction to a jellyfish sting a few years ago (which resulted in heart damage and an overnight in the hospital), and now have been scared to get in the ocean - even though I love it so much.

  4. Lisa - that sounds awful. I'm not surprised you are scared to go back in.
    Rachel... The thought of me being in a suit is scary too.... for anyone who'd be around!

    Thanks FarmGirl... :) It *was* sunny on Monday, and amazingly, it sunny today! Woohoo!


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