It's That Time of Year Again

Notice anything about some of these sheep?

Yes, it must be getting close to show time

I wasn't down helping Big Brother dyeing tonight. Yes, yes, he managed ... but only just. I arrived just in time to see them leaving.

The Builder and Jackson came for a wander too. 

Our beach just as the sun was setting.


  1. when I watched "lambing live" it showed you how they got the animals ready for shows! It's quite a palaver - they were plucking out of place hairs and all sorts! Rather amusing, but fascinating! :-)

  2. I just adore the sheep. Jackson is looking quite handsome -- and mature.

  3. what a beautiful sunset on the beach. :)

  4. Beautiful beach at sunset and only one person. Wow, Your sheep look beautiful.

  5. OK. I'll bite....why do they dye the sheep!?! I've seen some strange things done to livestock to supposedly beautify them, but dye all their body wool?

  6. You live in such a beautiful place! I love your pictures!

  7. Are they dyed or the others bleached? I notice the difference, but in my ignorance of sheep I am not sure which sheep I should be looking at.

    The sunset is beautiful and Jackson is so sweet.

  8. Oh...that Jackson...so very cute!

  9. Anne,
    I looked back at the older post you referenced....Why do they dye the sheep's wool...to help the mud to blend in? Are these particular sheep raised for their wool, not for the lamb curry?
    My kiddos are getting ready to take their sheep to the county fair. They shear them nearly bald for the event. They must do the pedicure part, but the judge just wants to see their edibility.

  10. What a beautiful sunset!
    I have never heard of dying sheep, nor have I ever seen sheep like that, ours are always wooly, these look like fat hairy goats to me what breed are they?

  11. oh, beautiful beach!

    mountain man is wondering if those are soay sheep??

  12. Rachel... the darker ones are the dyed ones.

    Yes, it probably began to 'cover up' the mud, but don't dare tell BB I said that.

    Keri, their wool is sent away and used when they're sheared, but their *main* purpose is their meat. (In *my* book, this is their *only* purpose!)

    MM (oh, that's Mountain Mama - in blogland, I guess MM will always be Marlborough Man!)... the sheep are Blackface - that's their breed :)

    Anne x


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