Fridges and Cages

Okay, I've just finished cleaning out my fridge.


Er, what do you mean, 'So?'

Oh, yes....you're right, because of course it wasn't desperately needing cleaning, and none of the shelves has icky yucky sticky stuff on them, and there was no food in cups and bowls that had gone, er, icky and yucky.

Of course, y'all are right! I have no idea why I ever mentioned my lovely clean fridge to you. Because, after all, my fridge is always clean. 


Back to my plot, which is where I know best at this time of year.

After Monday's gorgeous Independence Day weather, normal service was resumed yesterday.

The wind blew.

 Even inside the cages, the broccoli was getting a bit of a battering.

 My babies. I do hope you're gonna be okay.

 The new potatoes... having a bit of a rough time too.

Here's this year's plot (minus the potatoes)

 Cage 1...

...and Cage 2. The Romanesco at the bottom of the photo is where I took Saturday's photos from.


  1. I can't wait to see this! Our garden is now too hot to produce anything but okra. Can't wait to plant a fall garden!

  2. LOL about the fridge....I have a self-cleaning fridge....oh, wait...that's only in my dreams! ; )

  3. Lovely plan for your garden. I hope everything perks up again for you.

    We have had an awful amount of rain here. We returned from Lithuania on Monday. I dumped two inches or 5 cm of water from my green bean pots. This afternoon, I had to dump it again! I hope they don't drown!

  4. Wow, the 1st/2nd photos really show how strong the wind is! And I love your plan for the plot, it would be amazing to have so much space to grow things! (even tho i haven't got particularly green fingers)

  5. oh, i hate cleaning out the fridge!!!! yuck!

    but..gotta make room for the garden goodies :)

  6. It all looks good. Wow I am impressed.I hate cleaning the fidge. I only do it when we can't get a single thing in it and things are threatening to walk out by themselves. :) Your plot is lovely even if the wind keep wanting to batter it all over the place.

  7. I cleaned out my fridge yesterday. It is a new fridge, a big side by side one and has all those easy clean glass shelves. It has a blue light inside so we have nicknamed it the tardis. It took quite a while because I could not work out how the 'easy glide' veggie crisper drawers went back in. And it was an icky sticky job because someone had knocked over a jar of chilli jam.
    Hope your potatoes hold on!

  8. Oh, Anne! You make us smile and chuckle! Our refrigerator is always immaculate and never needs cleaning either! We just do it for inspiration to others! Your broccoli and potatoes look pretty sturdy! Perhaps they'll hole on just fine!
    Have a lovely day!


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