At the Beach... but not Our Beach

Today, ourselves and some cousins and aunties went to Cuidheashadar. We drove the van out the moor as far as we could and then walked the rest of the way.

Can you see a hint of sand, just at the end of the stream?

It's a fair hike down...

but worth the effort.

We had the beach to ourselves - we often do, even when we're on 'our' beach, but this little cove is way off the beaten track, so it was no surprise to find it empty.

In the distance, on the cliff top, you can see Taigh 'an Fiosaich.

(You can see more photos of Taigh 'an Fiosaich, and Eaglais an Fiosaich here.)

The day wasn't particularly warm, but the sun came out, giving us a wonderful time at the beach.

DR cast a couple of times with a rod he'd purchased.

Oh, hang on... himself and the Builder bought it. DR reckons the rod is 60% his and 40% his dad's.

This means that 60% of the fish caught with the rod is DR's.

I have informed him that this also means that 60% of the gutting, filleting and cooking is up to him. Right now, I think he's looking for a new deal.

The water was absolutely freezing. I know this because, er, I have it on good authority.

Yes, all those who ventured in (ie, all except the ladies) told me.

The kids went in with their boogie-boards, but the Builder took some persuading.

I enjoyed the view from the safety of this distance.

(I know y'all are cheering right now for my lovely boots. Yes, I know they're not normal beach footwear, but you remember we did have a hike over the moor first. This is why they got a special outing to the beach.)

If you want to see some more photos of our time at the beach, and especially of DR and the Builder practicing their synchronized running-into-the-sea-without-dying-of-the-cold routine, go to Homeschool on the Croft at Facebook, and join me there!


  1. Oh wow, you live in such a beautiful part of the world... I just love it!!!

  2. Even if it cold, it looks wonderful. Kids are versatile...they don't care if it is cold.

  3. Great photos of the beach! It's so nice to look into someone's life like this. Please check out my post, I have something special for you. =D

    Check out….
    Did You Know I’m Sweet?

    Your friend,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  4. Beautiful pictures! What a treat, a day at the beach. Your beach is the featured pic on my lovely calendar. I just love it! What would a hike be without your dearly beloved boots? Glad to see their still being put to good use! :o)

  5. correction-*they're* being put to good use, geesh, I hate it when I do that...

  6. Such beautiful photos, of a beautiful place!
    Wish I was there! The weeks of 100+ temps have finally gotten to me. ;-(
    Blessings to you,


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