Winds and Woes

50mph winds. Temperatures not getting out of the 40s. Rain pelting down.

Oh well, this is life in Lewis for the past couple of weeks.

My poor, poor vegetables. 

This photo was taken out the Family Room window the other day. And very often in Lewis, May can be give us the best weather of the summer. Let's hope that's not gonna be the case this year.

 Anyway, never mind the weather, girls...

Here are Catherine and Calum feeding a couple of lambs in the barn. Aren't they lovely.
 And the lambs aren't too bad looking either!

Lest any of you were wondering why I'd married the Builder... this week, he built another wee greenhouse for me - all from recycled materials. Hey, I'll have the Greens on-side yet...

Even the perspex roof was something he was re-using.
 We carried this roof from the garage to the greenhouse in 50mph winds. I'm no kidding. It was blowing a hoolie, and the Builder and Big Brother had the task planned with military precision.

Sadly, they didn't take into account that if I ever have to be very, very serious, I always have one reaction. I laugh. Thankfully, even whilst laughing, I'm able to hold perspex roofs in place. I'm a woman. I multitask.

I do feel bad moaning about the weather when so many people have had their lives, their livelihoods, and their families devastated by tornadoes. My greatest worry is my cauliflower and that makes my moaning very pathetic.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and remember to enter the Giveaway if you haven't already.


  1. A recycled greenhouse... how cool!

    I hope your cauliflower will be OK! We need rain badly here. It's amazing how some places are getting too much and others none at all.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hope your weather improves! And hope you don't lose your veggies. How cool is a recycled greenhouse!!! Totally!

  3. Well, we've got the rain...just not the winds...I haven't even bothered to plant a garden yet..cause it's just TOO wet!
    Fun to build a greenhouse out of recycled materials!
    My husband's claim to green living is eating the cookie dough BEFORE it goes in the oven! He really wants to do his part! - and sees no reason to turn the oven on at all!....for cookies, that is...
    Have fun w/ your new green house! - Hope it dries up there soon!

  4. My husband said he would rather have your weather than ours ~ 98 degrees with a 30 mph wind. Either way, hot or cold, that wind is not good for veggies. Bet that awesome greenhouse will help with some.
    I'm off to enter the giveaway. I was so upset when I wasn't able to comment before!

  5. Oh Ann, what a delightful green house!! Such an amazing hubby you have on your hands. I have been missing your blog. I have been visiting my sister in Fl and now have to catch up on all your delightful posts!!

    Also I just entered the giveaway and I am SO excited, even if I don't win, it was fun imagining myself with that purty bag!!

  6. I would say hi from sunny Australia but if it is any consolation the rain is pelting down here too this morning! Power went out earlier and it was so dark I had to run around lighting candles. We are looking at making a greenhouse with recycled materials, so good to see yours for some inspiration. Yes, we can grow food all year round outdoors but ours would be for the purpose of excluding animal and insects that like to munch on our veggies.

  7. My son and also a neighbor told us that we were terrible wind at home as well. It was blowing tables away, and my poor tomatoes aren't doing too shiny either. I hope we will not come home to a disaster. Your greenhouse is an inspiration... I can see why you married the builder. Also, the lambs are precious... the 2 legged type and the 4 legged type.
    Blessings to all.
    Much Love, Pam

  8. Oh this spring weather we are having just terrible weather here as well rather chilly lots of rain and wind I have hardly been outside except for when I have to with the dogs. Wow great greenhouse enjoy it what a sweet husband you have ~Love Heather

  9. I do hope your weather has improved. I like your little green house. Thanks for stopping by this morning. Yes, my Mom was only 31, She was incredible and I am thankful that someday in Heaven I will see her again. All things do work out for the Glory of God, but I have prayed that God would allow me to raise my kids to adulthood. :) He has and with the youngest being 16 today, I am thankful for His answered prayer.
    Thanks for your comment.


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