Miscellany Monday

This is stolen from Patrice at Everyday Ruralty, but linked to lowercase letters. As its theme is random musings, I thought it fitted in with my life beautifully.

Random Musing #1

Apparently, today is Europe Day. I have to write the words out in full, so you will know what I'm talking about, but from now on, it will be known as E* Day.

I can assure you, that's about as polite as I could muster.

In honour of E* Day, I'm flying MY flag.

 Well, I'd be flying it if Teddy hadn't decided to sit on it.

But just in case any of you are under any illusions...

THIS is my flag. It's red, white and blue. It's the flag of the United Kingdom. And it's mine.

You got it? Good.

Random Musing #2

This is my washing line the other day...

There is something about this line that really, really bugs me.

See the pegs? They're multi-coloured.

Yep, that's what bugs me. I can't stand using different coloured pegs on the one item of clothing. If - if - I have to use different colours, then I like to have the colours in symmetry.

So, I may put a blue at each outer edge with a red in the middle. (Notice the colour choices. Yes, it's significant - is this not normal?)

But sometimes, my lines are so full, and my peg basket is so empty that I have to mix and match my peg colours. When this is the case, I sit at the window, waiting for the moment the washing is dry so I can take it off the line and I can relax again.

Not quite. But almost.

So there are my random musings for today. You do know that the purpose of my blogging is to make all you out there in cyberspace feel fabulous about yourselves? 

Because no matter how odd you may be, you now know you are perfectly normal compared with others.... like me.


  1. Ha!

    I think I'd be the same if I had different colored clothes pins.... Type-A anyone? :) Do you sort your m&ms by color before you eat them, too?

  2. Hahahaaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, gasp, Haaaaaaaa, [pauses to hold side and wipe tear from eye]
    Haaaaaaa, Hahahahahahahaha!

  3. I *used* to be fussy with pegs, but now, I literally do not have the time to match the pegs, as I 'run' to the line and back more often than not!! I just pin the pegs up and try to move on!!

  4. I don't know nothing 'bout no pegs but I LOVE the look of your sheets on the line - it's a thing of beauty!! We 'moved' my clothes line to put in a 3 stall garage and it hasn't 'moved back' yet - :(

  5. That is so funny. The pegs, yep, blogging is for us to be normal. :)

  6. hee hee...you are too funny girl!

  7. I am just amazed that those pegs keep the clothes on the ilne with that kind of breeze!

  8. Eeek! We are more alike than I realised - yes, I know, you'll be delighted to hear that bit of news Anne! I used to do the exact same thing with pegs but thought that I was maybe getting a touch of OCD so I stopped but what I do do is hang my washing in order - longest item first, shortes item last.
    WARNING - A word of advice to you followers of Anne's blog - do NOT mention the word Eorope to her. I have warned you, so unless you have 68 minutes (at least) to spare, well, just dinnae mention!

  9. I'm reading through some of your older posts & I just had to comment on this one - I'm exactly the same with pegs - I must have them matching & I hate it when you get to the bottom of the bucket & find only unmatching ones!
    I must be strange...

  10. this made me totally giggle - my big sis is SOOOOOOO like this, and my Mum. Me?.....I'd prefer to use the tumble drier than worry about which peg is ANYWHERE! lol I do hang some things out on the line, but only if they a) would need to be ironed whether tumbled or line dried, or b) things that wouldn't need ironing at all no matter where they dried!


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