Our Beach

This is 'our' beach, with the Atlantic waves rolling in. Can you see the hole in the rock, almost at the tip of the rock?

Legend has it that when the Vikings came to Lewis first, they liked the island so much they tried to tow it back 'home'. I like the story. I like it because I like the Vikings and I like that they liked this island.

I like the Vikings because they decided to stay and so we have tall, handsome Norsemen here to this day.

I have no idea what gene pool I come from. It was certainly not the Viking one. Pity.

Legend also has it that a tiny island just off the Butt of Lewis - Luchruban - was once inhabited by pygmies. We may have the answer to the question of where my genes came from. Mmmm.

You may be able to see a tanker on the horizon, just approaching the Eye. It's the Onoba, a 330m long tanker - heading to Hound Pt, which is a BP-owned oil terminal near Edinburgh.


  1. mother my dear, that last sentence was Reeeeeeeally unnecessary! because honestly, if anyone Actually, finds that both interesting and factual.... i mean honestly.... truly, I shall be amazed. you are one in a million, unique and lovely but that is really un-interesting.

    but I do love you :) - Catherine xxx

  2. I like the post! The photo is a little small to see the hole, never heard that tale though, like that!! My dad considers us as Norwegian - and supports Norway in the World Cup, even when Scotland is playing!

  3. Ok..... Super mariner - how would you know that????


  4. Binoculars, then google is my guess....??

    (seeing we obviously don't communicate in this house!!)


  5. She was constructed in 2004 and weighs 305,442 tons - you forgot to mention that bit Anne!! ;-)

  6. If you click on the title, the photo enlarges......apparently!

  7. Oh, and as for the ship info............see - once you start, it gets really fascinating.....where she was built; where she's heading; what she's carrying. NExt time you're over, I'll show you my folders of ship photos. (I think Fin's right - I do need to get a life!)

  8. Shame, maybe it's the computer, but doesn't seem to enlarge for me.
    I hope you are kidding about the ship folders.....??!!

  9. For some reason, our Apple wont open it, but the others do.
    As for the ship folders.......uh, definitely not kidding. Just wait and see!

  10. That'll be why it won't open for me then! Will have to try on something else.
    As for the ship.....err...can't wait....!

  11. I see it now!! The sea looks so blue, but cold! Roll on summer. The hole is very clear, I had thought it was further down the coast. Been ages since I walked round these coasts, thats what happens after you get married!

  12. I don't have an Apple, and I wasn't able to open it, either. I might try on my laptop. Anyway, I love the story about the Vikings trying to tow it! And, I love that you have ship folders. What a unique hobby! ;-)


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