A Powerful Sermon

The man's glory is that he is the head.
His humility is that without the woman, he is not complete.

The woman's glory is that she, and only she, can give this completeness to her husband
Her humility is that she was made for him

As a woman, as a wife, I find this so beautiful.

God has given me the unspeakable privilege of giving completeness to my husband. What a privilege we, as wives, have, and what grace we need to fulfill this duty.

The union of husband and wife speaks of the union between Christ and His bride, and so, all our actions within that context speak of Christ. This is a bold statement, but I believe it is true. If I honour my husband, my actions speak of me, a believer, honouring her Saviour; if I show reverence to my husband, it speaks of the church showing reverence to Christ.

When my husband shows sacrificial love to me, his actions speak of Christ's love to His bride; when he guides and leads me, he speaks of Christ, our Guide and Shepherd.

On the other hand, if I am treating my husband with contempt, my actions also speak. They speak a lie, because they depict the relationship between Christ and His bride as a contemptuous one. If my husband is unfaithful, he speaks of an unfaithful Christ. What a lie!

How great our responsibility then. What sermons our children see every day, when they see us together. Do our lives speak the truth of Christ and all He is to His bride? Or do they speak lies of our Saviour? I pray the former would be true.

(These thoughts are taken from a series of lectures on Marriage and the Family, by Dr J Beeke, and can be found here.)


  1. I absolutely ADORE the quote here at the top of this post. ADORE THEM.

    And I cannot fathom homeschooling in a country where it's so very rare.

    And I love Ree's blog too!

    Thanks so much for the comment you left me this morning! It was sweet of you to stop by!

  2. Hi 'Daring Adventure'! For some reason, I cannot access your blog any more. Maybe you've stopped blogging.....Maybe you've got a life!!
    Love, A x


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