It has been pointed out to me - by my kids - that the 'eater-of-my-daffodils' to which I referred in the Day on the Croft post with "she is gorgeous, isn't she" is not a 'she' at all.

Apparently, it's quite easy to tell.

I did tell you I had some way to go before I was fully croftified.

Croftify: verb The process by which a person becomes knowledgeable in all aspects of crofting life, including animal welfare (and, indeed, animal recognition)

Just check Oxford English Dictionary, latest edition. As in, the one yet to be...editioned. You can look that word up too if you really have nothing else to do.


  1. Please do excuse my mother. And please remember me. I have to live with her. And we will understand if you do not want to read this blog again.

    Thank you

  2. Wow, thats worse than usual! Didn't you know guys were different?


  3. Yes, my kids really need to sit me down for a Birds and Bees talk. So much to learn....so little time....!


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