Sunshine, blue skies, and Warmth :)

What a cracking day we had today on the croft.

Sunshine all day.

A very light breeze.


Did y'all get that? It was warm, warm, warm. We reached around 70F, which doesn't seem a lot to most of you folks, but it was heady heights for me, I can tell you.

In the morning, I lifted these:

I think there were eight of them, and inside each of these ...

was one of those.

Did I mention that we had blue skies all day?

Katie was busy mowing most of the day, and the Wee Guy was sorting the stuff in the trailer.

See .... blue skies.

Did I mention that before?

Back to the plot ...

I weeded the carrot and parsnip patch yesterday. I ought to have taken a before photo, though I may have been too ashamed to show y'all. Suffice to say: It was horrendous. Thankfully, it is now weed free.

The parsnips are in the two rows to the left, and the other rows are carrots.

And then the sun went down.

Peaceful - that's the best description of this evening. As I stood at the back door taking this photo, I could hear the rumble of the sea, but apart from the ocean, there was not another sound to be heard.

And now we look forward to our gift of the Lord's Day: our day of rest from our weekly toils, blessed as they are; a day to focus on the worship of our Lord.

I may listen to this sermon tomorrow morning before we go to church: Not a bone of His was broken. I don't know anything about this preacher, but I do enjoy sermons on Old Testament prophecies being fulfilled in Christ, and I came across this on the Sermon Audio site.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow.

Night night


  1. Looks like a gorgeous day, right enough! Was lovely here, too. Trust you have a blessed day tomorrow. x

  2. sounds like a most perfect and productive day for you! :)

  3. Perfect weather for gardening. (well, weeding). Looks great and those are some mighty fine cauliflower :)

  4. Wow! I dont think we've ever had cauliflower that gorgeous on our farm before. Looks like y'all had a great farm day!

  5. You weed well! Want to come weed my gardens? I have flower beds and lots of them. Just this morning I got to thinking about how insane it is to have them when I don't have time to weed them. I told myself the best plan is to pull all the shrubs and such out and plant grass. I think that works for me. :-)

  6. Beautiful! My daughter is in London and laments that she is sooo close to Scotland but wont be able to 'go over the pond'! Maybe next time! Blessings!


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