A Visit on Patrice's Porch. And some Joke-telling.

Welcome once more to Patrice's Porch

1. Are you a list maker? (grocery, to-dos, goals, etc)

Ohhhhh, yes! I make lists that would impress anyone.

I keep them in such a way to impress nobody.

Such is my life. I make grocery lists and leave them on the kitchen worktop. That's handy for the supermarket...

I make to-do lists for most days. I have a notebook beside my bed, and I sleep more quickly if I write all my 'tomorrow's to-dos' before I hit the pillow. It's a wonderful aid to sleep. Sadly, writing the list doesn't perform the list. 

One day, I'll have that part sorted too.

2. Do you have overnight guests often?

Well, fairly often, I guess, but not as often as our kids would like! We have our friends The Watts (head over to the link to learn how we first met) to stay a couple of times each year, and we're looking forward to them visiting in a few weeks from now.

Our good friend from the US of A is also coming back soon. We are so excited about that! When I told the kids at the table the other night that she'd booked the flights, I said, "Oh, Laurie's coming home. She's booked her flights." There was a chorus of Oh fantastic! It seems like ages! Can't wait to see her! and after some time, DR said to me: "I just realized what you said. You said that Laurie was 'coming home'. The strangest thing is that none of us thought that was out of place". Freudian slip, methinks ;)

That's her of the real, American cookies,

on our Independence Day celebrations.

Her of the pea planting, 

and of the Viking headgear.

And yes, her who earned her keep by lifting some of last year's peats.

And her of The Coffee Cake.

In fact, the Builder asked if it'd be reasonable to empty our freezers, lock Laurie in the kitchen for a week, and have her make the above Coffee Cake non-stop until our freezers were filled with them. 

She would then be allowed to leave and enjoy the rest of her holiday.

You know, Patrice, I have reached here, and I now have NO idea what question you asked. Let me scroll back.

Oh yes - people staying. I'd seriously forgotten in my meanderings through Laurie's visits.

I ought to stop rambling on, but I can't not mention the mad lovely Englishers we had over last New Year.

3. Where is your laundry room, or the area that you keep your washer and dryer?

I have my washer and dryer in the Utility Room. If I were ever to build another house, I would have a separate room for my laundry. I wouldn't have it at the back door either - it'd be closer to where folks dispose of, and re-use their clothing.

4. How are you with tools? Power tools?

Excuse me? (In my best John MacEnroe voice: You can not be serious!) 

You think I married a Builder and still have to use tools? 

I tell you, if you marry a Builder, you do not touch his precious power tools. That would be more than my life is worth. It would almost be as bad as me going off on his new bike.

5. Tell me something that will make me smile. Please.

Oh. Erm. I'm not very good at that kind of thing. I'm a rubbish joke-teller, but I do have one favourite joke so I'll let y'all in on it.

(My kids - indeed nobody else I know - finds it in the least bit funny, but I can never hear it without going into fits of laughter. I'm actually laughing right now as I write.)

Okay. What's white and can't climb trees?

No? Scroll down for the answer.

Answer: A fridge! 

Are you laughing? Cause I am! And there's more:

What's white and blue and can't climb trees?

Scroll down.

Answer: A fridge wearing a denim jacket!

Please tell me y'all found them funny. Please!


  1. I absolutely think you are hilarious!! ((hug))

    PS Can Laurie bring me, too?

  2. I'm smiling, but not because the joke was funny, but because you are. Why does anyone need to know good jokes when everything they say makes you smile. You are a happy person, cheerful to say the least. I love reading your blog.

  3. You are hysterical...I laughed at all your answers, not just the jokes at the end. HOPE you have a blessed rest of the week!

  4. Sweet!! Yeah, I knew the coffee cake recipe would need to be dusted off. Don't mind a bit. I spent the day in NYC today...much rather be in Lewis. Come on, Leslie, you come with.

  5. Okay girl...You are too funny...I don't get the joke, but somehow I know I should...I'm sorta dense. I gotta try the coffee cake & when I mess up the recipe I'll have to post it for another "Lucy" moment. Have a blessed day :o)

  6. Ok, I admit it - I laughed! If I kept a notepad by the bed I wouldn't get any sleep.

  7. Okay I just love your very cute jokes. Such a lot of nice answers. I think it is so nice you have a friend coming to stay with you. Very nice.

  8. I loved all your answers, I was already laughing when I got to the jokes!!
    Have a great week!!


  10. You gave me a giggle on the last one. My hubby is all about power tools, so I don't need (or want) to even touch them. Your friend's visit must be so enjoyable. I used to cook for people by stocking up their freezers. It made a good part time job for me. People were amazed how much I could cook in about four hours. It was so much easier than working in a restaurant.

    A white fridge that can't climb trees, that wears a denim jacket! That gives an interesting visual image.

  11. Don't worry about your ramblings. This is part of the fun of blogging...you know straying off course. Visiting via Mid-week Memes! Hope you'll join me over at my place. ^.^


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