My Early (ish) Morning Power Walk

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I went for an early morning stroll yesterday.

Er... what do y'all mean, 'It wasn't very early'? Just because the sun is a wee bit high, and just because the sky is blue, it doesn't mean it wasn't early. Remember, we are far north, and this is summer.

So, I'll begin again:

Early yesterday morning, I went for a power walk. Well, a brisk walk.

It was kind of brisk. Okay, so I'd planned for it to be brisk.

I went for a stroll. I sauntered.


I took my camera and Jackson with me, cause that's what bloggers do. Er ... the camera part - not Jackson.

Right, I'm going to zip it, and show you photos.

Even though I am walking very briskly, he runs ahead of me.

Waaaay ahead of me, 

and then comes back to say Hi, and to check I haven't run out of steam yet.

When he reaches the end of the road, he waits for me to open the gate onto the machair.

Once he's through the gate, I can't see him for dust.

Rabbits! He chases. They make a fool of him.

Again, and again.

And again!

But we love you all the same, Jackson.

It is sheer joy for him to be free on the machair.

And then it's off home ...

... at a more leisurely pace.


  1. Beautiful. I feel more peaceful and relaxed just looking at those pictures, imagining I was on that walk. Except for the chasing rabbits part :)

  2. Oh....to be able to walk in a place like that! <3 Beauty defined.

  3. Oh, how absolutely beautiful! I would love to see a place like yours.

  4. these are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! such a gorgeous place to live and briskly walk. :)

  5. Can you have a giveaway for a week of dog-sitting at your place? :) Lydia

  6. One day, LORD willing, I will walk that road.....and through that gate....with you and Jackson!


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