For Sale

Today, I decided this daughter...

... is for sale.

Actually, I take that back. She's free to a good home.


Because, whilst I was merrily minding my own business in another part of the house today, she allowed this...

to happen.

She not only allowed Jackson, aka destroyer-of-all-things-his-mouth-finds, to find, grab and play with my boot...

... she quite happily stood and took photos of the said event.

All this knowing that this dear mutt destroys anything he can get his paws on, and his teeth into.

The photo below shows the moment I walked through the door.


And next is a rather disturbing looking photo, of an apparently disturbed dog.

Give me my boot! 

So, all in all, you can see why the aforementioned daughter is today Free To A Good Home.

Offers in writing please...


  1. I'll have her! :-) you can't allow such a thing to happen, and not capture it on the camera...it makes for perfect blogging material - good lass! :-p

  2. I would be glad to take her too! Cute captures!

  3. We need a cute girl around here. I'm sure we could marry her off to one of our boys someday.

  4. ha ha ha ha!!! Anne, you now have the opportunity to get either a) a cute new pair of boots for yourself or b) search for the most embarrassing pair of boots you can find & tolerate and wear them every time you are out with the "for sale" daughter.

  5. LOL ~ I'll take her if she knows her way around sheep yards ~ You guys used to send all your convicts over here anyway ~ you could continue :) :)
    Hope you have a good week & your shoes are still wearable!

  6. Okay, I'm totally liking your kitchen too. Not envying though. Your stove is huge! I have always told my hubby I wanted a big one like that should we ever settle in our own place. But, I won't be mad if we don't.

    On to the shoe and your daughter. Are you sure she did it? I mean what evidence do you have? (hee, hee, hee)

    Did your shoe get ruined? I hope not, but thanks for the humorous take on the whole ordeal.

  7. We'll take her too! Did she know she has so many admirers?
    Perhaps she had read this post:
    and was taking the lesson to heart?...maybe not, but the pictures of Jackson are very cute!
    Sorry about your boot!

  8. I have been reading your blog for a while. I will take your sweet daughter! Though the air fair to Alabama U.S.A might be a little much for either of us to "mail" her. Are you sure you don't want to keep her?

    Emily from Alabama


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