On the Flightpath

Every time I looked up yesterday, I seemed to see one of these...

I took this photo up at our local Post Office. I was thinking as I took it of the many, many emigrants who left our shores to go where this plane was going.

They, however, did not have the luxury of a plane journey. And those left at home did not have the luxury of a telephone like the one in the photo. They would never hear the voices of their loved ones again.

Here is our local Post Office. It may be cute, but it is also the handiest thing ever. I know that many communities had their Post Offices closed down over the past few years, but I am so thankful we still have ours.

Last year, when DR was going to Canada and the USA (er...did you hear he went across the Pond? His siblings have never stopped hearing it... don't you just love brothers?!) I ordered money in dollars from here. The money comes from the mainland, but I had it at lunchtime the following day. Great service!

As I said, every time I looked upward yesterday, these planes seemed to be passing.

....Mocking me.

Another one gone, and we're not on it.

These photos are taken looking south over the Ness moor, with the sun setting in the South. I'm about a mile South of our house, with the sea West of me, and the moor, with its expanse of peat, stretching for miles.


  1. ok, so I LOVE your little Post Office and the TELEPHONE BOX?!?! REALLY?....you still have those?! Ours are the nasty modern ones, that are clear plastic! :-s Stunning scenery, as always! You just mock me, wishing I could come and visit YOU! :-p x

  2. That is such a cute little post office!

  3. Our post office will probably close due to the recent hoopla with the USPS. I love your little building!

    Where would you go on that airplane? I,too, watch airplanes as they fly over headed west from Washington D.C..........hmmmm, I would jump on one going across the pond if I could. ((hug))

  4. I'm in a flight path, too...all those planes are headed east, very high altitude, too high to be landing in NYC. I always imagine them landing at Heathrow in six or seven hours and am wistful.

  5. We're in the flight path for military planes. It can be rather noisy at times. I grew up in a military family and my father used to always tell me that the military planes were "there to protect us". I remember feeling comforted with that thought. Thank you for your lovely card! It must have been from that cute little post office:)

  6. I, too, was amazed at the sight of your phone box! Not seen one for years!

  7. Perhaps you will get a chance to take another flight sometime! What beautiful and quaint pictures! Blessings~


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