Cowboys don't come Cuter than this...

This was our cute little waiter tonight ...

...sitting patiently after the meal...

... and not so patiently.

Waiting. Waiting for...


And now we have the cutest cowboy in the West.

The quickest draw in the West.

As I say, the cutest, noisiest cowboy...

to ever say, 'I love you Mom so, so much'.


  1. And, one daughter who looks like she is suspended in time and space, poring over, is it a mobile phone?!! lol :-D One cute cowboy! :-) x

  2. Aw! He's excited! Or do cowboys get excited, hahaha!

  3. So cute! He can ride Wendell off into the sunset, because that's what cowboys do. Well, maybe not. Hope your day is happy!

  4. You definately have a cute cowboy on your hands! Wish our two sharp-shootin' buckaroos could wrangle those sheep together! (We only have two ewes....pregnant ewes....not too much wrangling to do there..but..)

    Merry Christmas, Anne!

  5. I agree, I believe he IS the cutest cowboy! He looks extremely happy with his new cowboy get-up. Merry Christmas to you all a day late!

  6. He looks awesome! God bless you all!

  7. So cool!! You need to make another trip over here so this new gear can be worn on the plane. :)

  8. diga diga diga dum diga


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