2011, Review III

In July, our eldest had his birthday. He insists it was his 18th, but as there are only a few short  years since I gave birth to him, there is clearly some mistake here.

A blogging friend, and her lovely daughter came to visit. All the way from Pennsylvania to the Our Beach.

We had the Barvas Show, and here a really well-known, even famous, guy admires a Highlander. Her rump. 

And in the pen, you can also see Adam Henson, who some folks seem to know too. They said he was on the telly or somethin', but the other fella is much more famous.

In our neck o' the woods anyway.

Enough of your rump - that's the bonny side of ya.

In July, I also said Goodbye to my friend, Laurie.

Yes, she of the pea planting, 

and getting-boots-soaked-in-the-peats.

And her of THE Coffee Cake

I don't like Goodbyes. At all.

Of course, being July, we celebrated our your Independence Day.

In August, we had an unexpected incident in our garage,

and I celebrated twenty years of marriage to this guy...


  1. A busy, yet wonderful year for you and your family. I hope the coming year is just as good....minus the fire :)

  2. what a wonderful way to remember the year - both ups and downs. love those highland cattle! gorgeous!

    thanks for your visits to my spot! really appreciate it!

  3. lovely photos, lots of ginger hair going on! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!


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