Beginning our Review of This Year's Posts

We're coming to the end of another year and here's the first look back at 2011 on the blog.

In January, we looked at the reason for sheep. I was glad we studied this topic, because I did know there must be a good reason for them.

In February, I took a walk along the beach...not our beach, but the beach to which we went when I was growing up.

In March, the girls and I went to the mainland

we drove to Harris for the day, 

and both Catherine 

and Katie celebrated their birthdays.

As we enter our final week before Christmas, I realise that those of you who have the gift of organisation are more fortunate than you'll ever know.

Those of us who are not, are thankful that we are loved despite what we are. 

In the next review, we will look at some posts from the next three months of the year.


  1. I have never been accused of being organized...but it is something I hope to achieve one day! Your daughters are beautiful and so are the pictures!

  2. Looking forward to more beautiful pictures in 2012!

  3. Looking forward to more posts in 2012!


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