Yet Another Sunset

As the sun dipped below the horizon last night, 

 and the colours danced in the sky, 

 and the clouds waltzed their way across the sky,
 the moon appeared to see what all the fuss was about.

See the moon in the top left-hand corner?

 I couldn't quite get the sun and the moon in the same photo.

... but almost.
Are you guys getting a bit bored with my sunsets?

I do understand if you are. After all, I live with a cacophony of 'oh not another one' most evenings, so feel free to let me know.

I'll still sneak in the odd one, but I'll try not to bore y'all.


  1. Bored? Are you kidding?! Your sunset shots are wonderful. I particularly enjoy the ones which include the water. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Pity the person who could ever get bored of sunsets. Besides, there have never been two alike in the entire history of the world. God creates a fresh one every night... just for fun. Fathom that!

  3. I agree with Leah - anyone who gets bored with sunsets (or sunrises for that matter) needs their head examined and then time to get a life!

    I am land-locked here in Iowa so I especially love your sea sunsets/sunrises. They are something I can experience in person only rarely. Keep them coming, those and the baby lambs are my favorites!!

  4. They're beautiful! I love the pink in the sky! I will run out the door with my camera if I see a pink sunset! Keep them coming!

  5. Sunsets are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them w/ us! Our family knows this time of evening to be DADDY'S FAVORITE TIME OF THE DAY! and none of us actually mind looking outside to notice it - w/ or w/out daddy bringing it to our attention! It makes us all smile! So we certainly don't mind seeing your side of the world enjoying it as well!

  6. I am not bored!!! I love to look at your sunsets. I also love to look at mine here on our farm. Everynight is just beautiful!

  7. It's funny, a few hours ago I commented on another blog post about sunsets and said they never get old! Beautiful!

  8. oohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh so lovely ~thanks for sharing love Heather

  9. I love seeing your sunsets! You just dont get them like that in the city and it always reminds me of home! Please keep posting as many as you like!!

  10. oh, beautiful- we live on a penninsula that i on a penninsula on the water by an island! :) we don't get sick of sunsets either! fellow homeschool mom & new follower!

  11. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Such a strange sight to me though to see so much flat land. I am used to rolling hills and valleys and mountains at every turn. But I can see and appreciate the beauty of your land as well.


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