I'm not sure how y'all managed to survive without having seen the Sunsets from the last couple of nights.

Never mind, here's one from....er, a couple of nights ago, I think.
 9.15 pm the sun finally dipped below the horizon...

 Today, some of the sheep were being moved to another croft. The boys and some of the cousins helped Big Brother move them across the machair and to another croft.
 Here's BB heading to a sheep that's just lambed. She had twins, and this is the last sheep to lamb.

This means that I'm off Maternity Watch. And y'all know how stressful Maternity Watch is for me.

Knowing that the lives of these sheep and lambs are totally dependent on me.

 ...because of course, BB couldn't do anything without me, could he?

Could he?

We'll move on methinks.
 Okay, confession time: not only was this the first time I'd set foot in this Maternity Ward all lambing season...

 ...these are also the first photos I took of this year's lambs. 

Dear me, what kind of crofter's wife am I?  Er, please don't answer that.
 No more terrified calls from my kitchen window.

Calls like, 'Catherine! Catherine! Is there something happening in the Ward?'

'Go check. Oh, I can't stand it when these poor sheep are in labour. Go and see if she's okay. Quick!'

 And tonight's sunset.

The photos do not do the colours justice at all.

This is the photo as I took it. I wish I could doctor it so it looks just like the picture I am seeing out my window.
 The ball of redness, and the pink sky surrounding it...

...with little cotton clouds dancing in the sky, to add extra touches of beauty here and there.

Truly, there is no artist like the One who has created absolute beauty.


  1. The Lord does indeed create more beautifully than man ever could. I read your last post before this and am glad the Lord saw fit to bring you safely through your illness. The Lord bless you.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking! yes, Praise the Lord for carrying you through. We have sunsets like that most days but without the sea.

  3. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful!...Love your sunsets!

  4. Thank you for sharing such beauty! The skyline in town is cluttered and I no longer have a view of the sunset like we did in the country. So, I get to enjoy sunsets in Scotland now, that's a treat!

  5. Wow! This is my first visit to your blog and I just have to say, the pictures in your last post gave me goosebumps! Beautiful!



  6. Okay, after those photos, we will be visiting you this summer for sure. As if I wasn't convinced before!

  7. Hi, Hansen Family and Hey There! Welcome to my blog. I hope you'll hang around and comment often. I love to feel I have friends, and, because I don't get out much, you guys make my day!

    Heather....glad to hear it! ;)

  8. Lambs, blue skies, pink skies, puffy clouds, all so beautiful and magical! I love seeing your side of the world.

  9. Please let us know how Jackson is!

  10. they are nearly as good as my pictures "sgadan"


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