A Busy Day with a Difference

We'll take a break from Harris Tweed today, and have a look at how our Saturday panned out.

Calum was promised way back when it was his birthday that he and his pals would go ten-pin bowling.

 We are so advanced in this neck of the woods... ten-pin bowling alleys an' everything.

Catherine and the Wee Guy. I think Calum's trying to tell her how it's done!

Today was a sheep-moving day. Group A went to field 3; Group B went to field 2; Group C went to field 5; Group D..... er, you get the drift.

(By the way - I haven't a clue what I'm talking about it, but I do know that the sheep travelled from lots of different places to lots of different places.)

The past week's weather has been wet and windy. Most days had winds of between 50-60 mph, so it's been a week for the plants in the glasshouse, not the ones in the plot. (Although happily I can report that all the brassicas in the cages are alive and well - these windbreak cages really do work)

Some salad leaves, partly eaten

We took our two tubs of pea plants into the glasshouse because of the winds, and they seem to be much happier in the warmth and shelter. I'm fascinated by the pea plants: we've never grown peas before, so this is a real learning curve.

I've planted brassicas in both cages, but left two rows in the second cage for a later planting. Here are some of the cauliflower seedlings we'll plant in a few weeks' time.

Courgette plants: this will be new for us too. Watch this space!

Another 'first' for us: strawberries. They're in growbags....under glass too. Again, I'll keep you posted on progress.

I like to have coriander at all the different stages of growth. Here are some smaller plants...

 and this is what's ready to use.
I also have another two pots with seeds: one has seeds which haven't even popped through yet, and another at an in-between stage.

This was a first for us too: last November or December, we planted onion sets in tubs and left them in a cold frame. They were dormant until the days began to get lighter, and now we have lovely onion bulbs - not quite ready yet, but they will be soon. 

Some of this year's onion sets have been planted in tubs in the past few weeks, but the ones going into the plot are still waiting. If only this rain and wind would stop!

Here's the 'greenhouse'. The two large tubs at the bottom are the peas; the long, narrow tub in between is coriander; in front on the left is the tub of salad leaves; and the strawberries are on the right.

On the shelves are seedlings - leeks (I planted half the leeks last Saturday, and these will be planted, all being well, next week), kale, cauliflower and broccoli. There's also a selection of pepper and chilli plants, as well as tomato plants. These are all 'firsts' for us too.

I'll return to some Harris Tweed posts next week ;)

I hope you all have a blessed Lord's Day.


  1. Nice to see the progress on your garden plants. Mine have sprouted and I am eager for them to produce!

  2. My 7 yr. old boy popped his head over my shoulder and declared that he'd like to go bowling w/ ya'll! Perhaps we'll have to try some closer lanes!
    I had to look up courgette - we call it by the zucchini name. Round these parts, folks don't dare plant more than one or two plants...cause they are so prolific, it's hard to give it all away! But we do like it! Love to cook it on the barbeque and used in stir fry! Delicious!
    Your plants look amazing! Our garden is not even in yet!! Still too wet here!

    Hope you have blessed Lord's Day too!

  3. Gosh...I recall going bowling with my friends for my birthday when I was ten -- what fun! I love the pic of the sheep being moved. Those little black legs are so cute. 50-60 mph winds??? Heck...if we had that here: (1) we'd be calling it a tropical storm and (2) TV reporters would be standing outside clutching the side of a building trying not to be blown away, whilst instructing viewers to STAY INSIDE! Have a restful Sunday.

  4. Hi,Good Morning and God Bless.First of all,I am your new follower.I have so much to say from so far away(HEEHEE the poet in me)But since it's Sunday morning here in the U.S.I have to get ready for church.I'll make it short,but the older I get it takes me MUCH less time to get ready.I find it hard to believe I found someone living my dream life.Oh Me Oh My!A CROFTING COTTAGE in SCOTLAND .Thats like reading a good novel.You're much closer to the age of my four daughters.I'm 58,but young at heart.I've been a christian since I was closer to a baby,they say cradle Christian-a very long line of them.I still have a BIG imagination,that God Himself gave me.So, if you would like to visit me from so far away and stay awhile please do.Don't be scared off by me talking about hobbit holes and fairy lands,I know very well I'm just waitng around for the real thing-Heaven.

  5. Will be interested to see the progress of your peas. I planted some outside today - not the best start for them with these awful gales.

  6. I'm amazed you have ten pin bowling that's great - thought you might have to head to the mainland for such facilities. We have a nine pin bowling alley in our region, also known as kegel bowls - it is actually harder to get a strike with 9 pins than 10. It is all electronic scoring, whizz-bang with flashing lights and there are all sorts of different variations on the game to choose from. I'm absolutely hopeless at it and they must have been thinking of me when they installed the optional gutter guards.

  7. Wow! Everything looks great! Good job!

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by and following me :) Wow you live in a beautiful place! It's nice to meet a homeschooling christian sister from so far away. Love all the veggies, we have had so much rain our garndens just sit empty waiting to be planted...hopefully soon...I love to play in the garden dirt!

  9. I adore sheep. They are so pretty. I'd love to have one. We have 3 goats.

  10. Aren't pea plants amazing? I love those little tendrils! The whole plant is just beautiful. They're very easy to grow, too - have fun!

  11. Bowling is always too much fun! Nice party:)
    Your seedlings are Growing quick!!!!!
    Like the sheep picture:)


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