Lunch....not made by self

Just before I post my final Harris Tweed post....

Yesterday, Catherine and I went out to lunch to the Woodland's Centre in Stornoway. This cafe is situated in the Castle grounds in Stornoway, right beside the inner harbour. It serves home-made soups, rolls and lots and lots of lovely home-made baking. The last time I was there, I had a mid-morning sausage roll - not a pastry sausage roll, but a sausage roll. 

You know, like a bacon roll, but with sausage. I loved that the sausages were local butcher sausages. And I loved that there were three of them on the roll.

This time, Catherine and I were having lunch. Ham and cheese Panini with a gorgeous salad. And then a Coconut and Cranberry Cake. And a pot of tea.

We sat upstairs, where there are some tables and one corner with a couple of comfy sofas. A young couple were sitting in the sofas when we went upstairs, so we sat at the table. But just before our food arrived, I saw the young lady sitting forward and putting her hat on. I whispered to Catherine, "Oh, they're leaving - I'm off to sit over there!". I think I vaguely remember Catherine, with a slighly embarrassed air, whispering, "Oh, Mum, wait at least until they've gone. Pleeeease!".

Needless to say, I didn't listen to a word she said. By this stage, I was over at the sofa, and very politely leaning over, asking, "Oh, were you just leaving?".

It worked. The pair of them stood in a flash, and they were off.

Result: sofas free for us!

(For any of you concerned about Catherine's state of embarrassment.... she's over it now ;)

In between some of the windows in the Woodland's Centre are these:

 Large plaques giving some history of the island.

Fascinating stuff.

See in 1747... The Seaforth Highlanders were set up. 
They fought and died the world over.

Many of you will have heard the famous answer General James Wolfe, who was to become the hero of the Battle of Quebec during the Seven Years' War, gave when asked where they would find more soldiers to fight on the American continent:
He suggested the Highlander, saying, 

"They are hardy, intrepid, accustomed to a rough country, and it is no great mischief if they fall."

 It's difficult to read, but 1919 - the Iolaire tragedy. Remember, I posted about it here.

1905: Orb and Cross trademark introduced for genuine Harris Tweed...

 And below, look at 1923, and the sailing of the 'Marloch' to Canada. I told you before about my mum's aunt who left on this ship. Sadly, she was to die shortly afterwards of TB in Vancouver.

The shop also has locally made gifts for sale.

...including some Harris Tweed cushions.

All in all, we had a lovely, relaxing lunch.

As you leave the Woodland's Centre, the drive out of the Castle Grounds takes you past Stornoway's golf course.

I do love being home. I am happy to be home all day and every day, and do not feel the need to get out and about. In fact, I'm reckoning on a grocery delivery soon, so then I will not even need a weekly trip to town for the shopping.

But I must say, if I do have to leave home, lunch with one of my daughters is as good a reason for it as I can think of.


  1. Going to lunch or tea with my mom was always a treat. I have such fond memories of our special outings.

  2. I agree, lunch or any outing w/ one of our princesses is a wonderful thing!

  3. and you forgot to photograph the giant wooden chessmen!? They are our favourite part of the Woolands Centre.

  4. What a neat place - and the food sounds delicious!!

  5. Your blog is fascinating, and I admire you for homeschooling your kids. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'd like to answer your question...maybe you could send me a comment with your email addy and I'll not publish the comment but I'll make a note of your email and answer your questions :-)

  6. Kirsteen - I didn't forget, but I can't believe I forgot to add the photos on here! Duh!

    Thank you all for commenting.... it was a lovely day :)

    Doda - I'll be in touch


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