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Today's questions from Patrice at Everyday Ruralty are:

1. Are you happier at a big event/party or would you rather be with a few close friends/family?
Oh definitely a few close friends or family. I much prefer talking one-on-one, or with two or three folks. I do love meeting new people, but even then, I like to really 'talk' with them. Small talk is good only for a little while.

2. What kind of farm animal is your favorite?
Oh cows, with these gorgeous brown eyes (and rib-eye-steaks), and their lovely brown coats (and sirloins) and long fringes, if they are Highland cattle (and fillet steaks).
I'm sorry, that was really out of order. True, but out of order, and cows - even without any thought of their meat - are still my favourite.
 How could they not be? Isn't this baby just adorable?

3. How are you doing with your weight loss or healthy eating?
I've lost three of the pounds I put on over the winter. To be honest, as long as my summer clothes will actually fit me, I'm not too bothered. I've always reckoned that women in their forties need some fat. I'm hoping that my face wont look so wrinkly and old.
If my choice is some extra weight, or wrinkles.... I'll go with the extra few pounds anyday!

As for healthy eating... well, in general, I reckon we eat pretty healthily. I don't obsess at all about my food. I love food. I love my meals; I love my puddings; I love my chocolates. I really don't ever want to come to the place where I lose my enjoyment of food, so I'm happy with where we are really.

If only noone had ever thought of Cupcakes. Or Chocolate Sheet Cake. They have become the bane of my life. A very delicious bane-of-my-life, mind you.

4. If you could have any food made calorie free or carb free, what would it be?
I guess it would be the aforementioned Cupcakes and Chocolate Sheet Cake. Or anything with chocolate in it. Imagine....... aahhhhhh

5. What's the most relaxing thing for you to do at the end of the day? 
Sit in our Family Room with a book, a cuppa (and one of the aforementioned cakes), looking out the window (in between my pages) at this...

(and there y'all were thinking you were gonna get a sunset-free post!)


  1. You just had to pick ONE calorie free food? That's just wrong!

  2. Calorie free chocolate - imagine!!! :0)

  3. Cows would be my second choice. Love them! That view on the last answer is magnificent and would be a lovely way to relax!

  4. Such a wise woman....I adhere to the idea of the mid 40's woman with some fat thought. Just think what my wrinkles would be like without my ice cream???

  5. I've love to join you at the end of the day for that sunset!!

  6. lol -- your comments about the cows are too funny...especially when coupled with the photo of that adorable, innocent looking calf. Another spectacular sunset!

  7. Mmm, I'm a chocoholic, too. I wish I could find a zero calorie & carbs chocolate treat. I don't think this is possible. Even in its reduced form, the cals & carbs are too much to suit me. Drats!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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  8. Such a cute calf! Such a delicious steak!...all in one package! That's efficiency!

  9. I adore chocolate--in any form. And cake. And cupcakes. AND that is why I look like I do. LOL

    Enjoyed your answers AND that gorgeous sunset!

  10. Love being with just a few close friends! Big crowds overwhelm me...

    What a wonderful thing - calorie and carb free cupcakes. Went to Jilly's Cupcake Bar in St. Louis this morning and was wishing I could eat one of everything in the case without gaining weight. Sigh... How wonderful indeed!

  11. I always enjoy these posts of yours - they always bring a smile to your face & I agree about your meat...I mean animal favourite! Although a good lamb chop is hard to beat as well :)

    I once heard someone say that there comes a time in your life when you have to choose between your face & your (ah hem) rear end. It's either a little extra weight or wrinkles - I'd choose the weight any day. I agree about chocolate - if only it were calorie free oh & if they could make it contain all the essential vitamins & minerals that would be fantastic too:)
    Have a wonderful day


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