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Just in case y'all woke up this morning wondering what was going on in my life....

We still have the gorgeous wintry weather. I love it so much, but this morning we awoke to frozen pipes and no water. Eeeeek!

Our pipes are now sorted. You see, I knew what I was doing when I married the Builder. When I said, 'I do', I had mornings with frozen pipes and no water in mind. I'm smart like that.

Today, we received our first Christmas card.

Today, I'm planning to write the cards that are being posted abroad. (Note that I said I was 'planning'....ask me tonight whether I've done it or not. I'll let y'all know how it goes.)

The Wee Guy has spent the past few days quoting Tim Hawkins. Regardless of what you say to him, he turns to you, points, and says, 'You need to go sit on the pot'....in a Tim Hawkins accent. It was kind of funny for the first 67 times. 

The girls are trying to decide whether we ought to study Romeo and Juliet or Pride and Prejudice. What d'ya reckon? I'm leaning towards Pride and Prejudice because I'm kinda going with ...cup of coffee ... curled up on the sofa... Colin Firth saying, 'Are your parents well?'... I'm kinda shallow, you know.

I've never read Romeo and Juliet and I'm not sure whether I have the mental capacity for it at this stage:
(a) of the year
(b) of my life.

If you are a font of useless knowledge, you will appreciate my list. If, however, you have a life, you probably will not. I hope in such circumstances you will simply excuse me.


  1. I vote for Pride and Prejudice! :o)

    The title of your post had me intrigued from the start, what does that say about me? LOL

    I had to ask myself, when teaching literature to my gals, how important is it to study someone's writings that give me a headache...? (please forgive me, those who do love Shakespeare) They did read some of his works and reported back to me what they gleaned from it. They seem to have the capacity to understand him much better than I do.

    In high school we read some of Romeo and Juliette, but our teacher took us to the theater and we watched it on the big screen, hmmmm maybe that's why I wasn't really into Shakespeare when it came time to teach my own gals. I enjoyed seeing it and hearing it, better than reading it on my own.

    This is an entirely too long comment.

    About those pipes, does that mean they are not frozen any longer when you say the pipes are "now sorted"? I do hope that is what that means.

  2. Pride and Prejudice would be my bet. My daughters and I watch all of the Jane Austen's that were made into movies. I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many times we've seen P+P! We also like Elizabeth Gaskill, Georgette Heyer, and now, Joan Aikens. Aikens writes her idea of what happens to more remote characters from popular Jane Austen works. She's quite good.

    Coffee, a comfortable sofa, and Colin Firth- Huh? I may not get anything else done today!

  3. Pride & Prejudice, without a doubt!! I never really enjoyed Shakespeare in school, and I really disliked the Romeo & Juliet film (watched as a teenager), so the mention of it gives me a shiver!! Besides, its such a morbid ending eugh.

    Also love the wintery weather, I was beginning to think I was the only one!! Mind you I would like everyone to be able to function in it, and not have everything cancelled/delayed/blah makes me wonder why no-one feels they can cope! I am still sure I was born to live in Northern America!

  4. So sorry about the pipes. That's no fun.
    I'd do Pride and Prejudice. :-) I'm planning on my cards too, well, we'll see how that goes.
    Oh Anne, how I can relate. My computer crashed last night and I have lost all my pictures and files. I have a backup disk, but can't figure how to get it all back on the computer. :-( Trying not to let it get the best of me.

  5. The pipes are indeed sorted....as in, there is now running water, er, running through them, instead of ice blocking them! It was something to do with a section of piping that hadn't been put deep enough underground, so hubbie cut the too-long-offending pipe, re-joined the pieces and dug deep to place them way down in the deep, warm (relatively) soil. Job done!

    I wasn't going to do Shakespeare really, but Katie (who's not much of a reader, unlike all the other kids) took a notion and has read it. So, I reckoned I'd go with what was interesting her. And, it seems, Shakespeare does. Go figure!

    Anne, my computer crashed about 10 months ago, and - because we have an abundance of laptops in the house - I've never had someone come around to see if they can fix it. The photos are really what I want to get... there's no replacing them, is there.

    And Dawn, the longer I live, the more convinced I am that you and me both were meant to be across the pond! Just wasn't to be though.... and if I *have* to live anywhere else in the world, I wouldn't be anywhere but in this very spot....:)

    Mrs C....my comment is now longer than yours!! x

  6. Well - I'm obviously the odd man out, but I would say Romeo & Juliet - though P + P is wonderful and a good choice, too. Either one will be helped with the first dose of the language being from a movie (get the 1968 version, not Leonardo, please). Hearing the language spoken by someone who knows the inflections will drop the barrier and then when you do read it, those voices will be in your head and it will be easier.

    My first choice for Will is actually sonnets - they are short and sweet, but here again, maybe a dose of the "spoken language" is in order.

    In any case, so glad you are teaching something written before 1910 - no one seems to care about the classics anymore!

    Any by the way - sooooo glad the pipes are sorted - that can be a nasty business!

  7. Just weighing in with my opinion here to agree with everyone else, and say go with P & P but I am purely biased towards it thanks to Colin Firth!

    I've been 'planning' on doing my Christmas cards for the last two weeks now. Something else always comes up first!

  8. Pride & Prejudice all the way! in all honesty Romeo & Juliet is highly over rated. ;)


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