Home Sweet Home

Phew! I'm home.

Yes. I know you didn't really know I was away, but I have to let you all know I'm home.

The plane flew. It was not a nice flight. It left Inverness in a blizzard and landed in Stornoway in a blizzard with gale force winds. 

I then drove 28 miles home. It was not a nice drive. The temperature outside right now is -3 degrees Celsius. The windchill can be found on this site, and is -21.6C.

I missed the kids so much. I know it was only two days, but I missed them. Badly. 

It's clear I was born to be at home. As I write this, the Builder, D.R., Catherine, Katie, the Wee Guy and myself are all sitting in our Family Room. I am happy. And thankful. And relieved.

I took some photos on my mobile while I was away and I'll post them tomorrow.

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  1. Wow that is cold!! ~Glad you made it home ok ~Love Heather


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