To Heed or Not to Heed

(Easily seen we decided on Shakespeare rather than Pride and Prejudice!)

My friend, Dawn, was over today. She gave me two ideas.

The first one came when I said, 'I have chicken breasts for tonight's dinner, but can't make up my mind what to do with them'.

She told me what they had for their dinner last night, and that gave me the inspiration I needed.

Dawn's meal sounded delicious and had a number of tasty ingredients that I didn't have in, so I went with what I had. I sauteed leeks in butter (a small amount can be seen underneath the chicken here); then browned cornflour-coated chicken breasts in more butter. I mixed some stock, the rest of the leeks, and black pepper, and poured it over this 

I then creamed potatoes, made a kind of pie, and covered the potatoes in grated cheese.

I love melted cheese.....

Plenty potatoes - necessary when you've married a guy like the Builder; some roasted carrots, just cos I wanted them, and a tender chicken breast with plenty yummy leeky stuff. 

Verdict on the idea#1: excellent.

Then came Idea #2.

Background: I'd run out of dishwasher tablets and had washed the dishes by hand for the past few days. 

Oh, I know... 'that's no hardship', 'what did your mother do all these years?', .... yes, I know all that, but...

Well, all you who have a dishwasher know what the 'but' is.

So, Dawn says: 'Oh, you can use Fairy Liquid in your dishwasher'

'Can you?', says I.

'Oh yes. So-and-so has said that to me, and she's done it often when she's run out of dishwasher tablets.'


Bubbles pouring out of the dishwasher

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere

Bubbles which had to be got rid of

A sink full of bubbles and a dishwasher STILL full of bubbles.

Verdict on Idea #2: do I really need to answer that?!


  1. I'm really trying not to laugh, but is it ok to laugh with you? =D

    Well, that chicken meal looks delicious, that's consolation enough!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
    Love to you, and I'm trying to think of something fun you could do with all those bubbles, but all I can do is laugh at the moment. I'm sorry!

  2. That's why my Daddy is no longer allowed to wash dishes! :o)

  3. Ohhh...
    I remember stories like this from when people first had automatic washing machines. Apparently, the twin tube washing powder had a similar effect.

    When you are running short of dishwasher tablets, half works as well as a whole one.

  4. Sorry, but I too had to laugh!

    I read a Sally Magnasson book once where she said her husband had been told that the dishwasher poached salmon perfectly and so he decided to try it out. What he hadn't been told was to wrap the fish in tinfoil first, and so she spent days picking fish out of the dishwasher!

    You could take comfort from the fact that bubbles are nothing in comparison to that!

  5. Oh my! I guess you live and you learn! But what a way to learn!

    For some reason it reminds me of The Cat and the Hat and trying to get the pink spot out of everything. You clean one thing (the dishes) and dirty another (the floor)--and then spend the rest of your day moving the bubbles from one area to another trying to get rid of them. Yikes!

  6. Anne,

    Thank you so much for your very kind comment on my mother-in-law series of posts. You are so encouraging, and I truly thank God for you!

    Now, about this post... Idea #1 made me hungry because it looked so good. And Idea #2? Well, it just made me laugh. But I'm laughing in sympathy because, oh dear, what a mess! Was Dawn around to help you clean it up? :)

  7. Hello Anne! Could you please email me as soon as possible? I have something I need to send to you but I don't have your email address. Thanks so much!! :) My email is meredithivyalexander at yahoo dot com .

  8. I think you should be thankful you still have a dishwasher after that! It's something you are never ever ever meant to do. You can use (a tiny amount) of washing powder (I've done that sucessfully), but something as bubbly as Fairy? Ouch! Poor you.

  9. Argh, what a terrible friend would give rubbish advice like that *cough*. I hope it still works!! Just can't trust anything you're told these days!!!!

  10. vinegar kills the suds. he who shall remain nameless used it in laundry and we learned the hard way. Reminds me of sticking a little boy in the jetted tub with bubble bath, he turned it on and i went back in too find the room knee deep in bubbles, What? he says...

  11. Oh no that is like that episode of the Brady Brunch!! Ha I did this before also I do not remember what soap I had used but I got much the same result bubbles every where!! My kids thought it was hysterical lol!! ~Better Luck with the dishes on the next load ~Love Heather

  12. p.s. I am following your cute little blog.~Love heather

  13. Thank you all for...er... laughing with me! And for your advice...'Don't do that'. It kinda reminds me of a Tim Hawkins sketch where he speaks about how him mum would always say after he'd bumped his head on the edge of the table.....'careful'. Uhhhh, ok - maybe tell me before next time, though!
    Anyway, all is well - dishwasher and I on full speaking terms again. Phew! x

  14. ....as are Anne and Dawn still on speaking terms.......


    I shall have to think twice before offering gems of wisdom in future!!!

    Dawn x


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