Calenders up for Grabs

I have some calenders to give away.

The photos for each month are selected from various posts on the blog.

If you would like a calender all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favourite photo on the blog is, and why.

I have quite a few of these calenders, but if more want them than the number I have, I'll put the names in a hat.

I would probably prefer non-Leodhasaich to get them.... after all, most of the scenes are daily occurrences to you if you live in Lewis!

Here are some of the photos that may appear on your wall in any given month in 2011.

Ha! Only joking!

I'm guessing a sunset or two will make it in there.

Some photos of our beach...

...and of course, of Big Brother's beloved sheep.

Our Bonfire....

....and the Atlantic...

...and maybe something like this.

So, if you'd like a calender with some of these photos...just let me know!

Please note: I am not a professional photographer. I don't edit my photos. And my lens ain't clean. 

I'll keep this open until midnight 19th December.


  1. I would love to have a calendar. Your photos are so pretty. I will understand if you do not wish to ship to the US though.


  2. It's so hard to pick just one picture, but I lean toward the one of the waves, because I can almost hear them crashing on the shore when I look at that pic.

    You know for me, it's a close race between that one and the one of your dearly beloved boots! hugs!!!

  3. Oh i love the picture of the Atlantic waves crashing against the beach. But I don't know If I want you sending stuff over the pond because it is so pricey.

    Much Love

  4. My favourite is where it looks like there is a fire behind your house - or of course the pictures of Mr Wayne. You take beautiful pictures (though you do have good scenery too - our locality is not so scenic :-)

    Can I interest you in a TBS calendar, and can you pm me your address for the annual photo-for-your-fridge?

  5. I don't need a calendar (already have five!) but I always liked the ocean one too. I wish I lived there and could see that everyday!

  6. `I have been enjoying all your pictures ~I am not in need of a calendar. But I do enjoy looking at your pictures and reading your blog ~Love Heather

  7. Oh yes, I'll post overseas. No problem.
    btw - is 'lens' spelt this way...or is it 'lense' ??! x

  8. Waiting on Mr. C to get home, and stopped back by, you spelled it right, lens. :D

  9. What beautiful scenery you have in Scotland! The waves are amazing! I live about 20 minutes from the beach, and the waves here have never looked that gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these pics with us!:)

  10. I recently found your blog...and am totally enjoying it. I love the scenic pics...especially of the ocean. I do need a calendar to replace the "twilight" one that I have. ohhh I hope I win! LOL

  11. I love the picture from a while back of your four children together - big brother in the back with sisters on the sides and the "wee guy' in the front middle. There is something so soft in their countenances, so sweet in their eyes. I think it is just the light of Jesus shining through them which is such a marvel to see in young people these days. Bless you Anne! I enjoy your blog soooooo much.

  12. Hi!! My vote is for the last picture. The light is beautiful. It is my favorite just by a smidgen - like them all.

  13. I'm envying you that view of the Atlantic. The American Midwest is a beautiful place, but one thing we haven't got is views like that of WATER--our water sprays from center-pipe pivot irrigation systems! :-)

    I'm new to your blog, so I might just have to call that one my favorite for now.

  14. Oh Anne....my computer has been down until this morning! Whew....I am so glad I can enter!

    I am remembering a picture that the builder did when he traveled somewhere and it was a small road.....very remote. Also, I simply love the ocean pictures...just gorgeous.

    I love seeing your corner of the world through your lens!


  15. I would love a calendar! My favorite pic is the sheep in the snow.


  16. Ooooooh, sign me up, too! I need a 2011 calendar; nothing like a paper calendar with lovely pictures to look at every day and put appointments on.

    I loved the post with all of the pictures of the waves from your morning walk. My heart swelled at the majesty of them - moved to praise God for His beautiful creation and that I can "see" it through your blog. Oh boy, I wonder if I'll win?!


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