My favourite words in the English language

"In Christ"

This is everything. To be 'in Christ' is everything. Out of Christ, we have nothing to bring before God but the filthy rags of our own self-righteousness.

But 'in Christ' - oh, in Christ - how different everything is. If we are in Christ the all-Holy, all-Powerful, all-Just God sees us .... in Christ. Covered by the pure and perfect righteousness of Christ, God looks on us who are saved sinners, and sees only the righteousness of His Beloved Son.

Praise God that our salvation is thus. Praise God it is not of ourselves. Praise God it is not part-God, part-us. Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him that I add nothing to my salvation. That I bring nothing, but come pleading only the righteousness of Christ and His finished work. What hope would I have if salvation was any other way?

What a salvation! What a Saviour! Would that I would love Him more. Would that I would serve Him more.

He is altogether lovely.

In Christ: salvation
Out of Christ: condemnation

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