The Builder and D.R. were working the other day in Harris. Here are some photos they took en route.

Sunrise over Loch Seaforth

Loch Seaforth

You can possible see the run rigs in the background. This was a system of furrows for planting potatoes that was used in the past - in the Outer Hebrides and in other parts of Scotland and Ireland. Boy, it was tough for them, surviving in these parts.

There are actually four villages in the range of this photo! The photo is taken from Ath Linne, and before you reach the 'end' of the photo, you will have passed through Bogha Glas, Ard a' Mhulaidh and Scaladail. They don't believe in packing the people into their villages in Harris!

This photo is taken on the way up the Clisham - the highest hill in Harris.
At the bottom, just on the other side of the loch, you can see Ard a' Mhulaidh Castle
(it's the large white house)

A typical Harris village.

The terrain in Harris is totally different to where we live in Lewis. Our land is flat; much of their land is rocky, hilly, rugged. In a word - beautiful.


  1. Ahh so lovely to see pictures and hear about your homeland. Maybe one day, Lord willing, me and my family will be able to go to beautiful Scotland and visit you and your family!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Your words are so valuable; thank you :)

    God bless and much love,

  2. Thank you Elizabeth. We are actually visiting YOUR wonderful country right now! That's actually why I haven't blogged for the past week. Tonight, we are in Ohio, and on Friday, we head to Michigan. We're having a great time...hopefully, I'll get to blog about it all soon x


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