Granny's Visits and Tidying the House

CS: Is Granny coming over today?
Me: No, darling, not today.
CS: So why are you tidying the house?
Me: Gulp. Looking slightly aghast.... Do I only tidy the house if Granny's coming over?
CS: Well..... yes.

Really??!! Can this be true? I think about it, and come to the conclusion that I have 3 options.

1. Stop tidying the house the day Granny is coming over.
2. Start tidying the house much more often than just when Granny is coming over.
3. Tell poor Granny that this is the impression she's giving our kids - that she must have a tidy house before her when she comes to visit.

The problems with the above options:
1. If I don't tidy the house when Granny is coming......well, you know.
2. This is just not an option.
3. 'Poor' Granny would be delighted that she has this effect on me. And she would hope this feeling of a need to tidy the house would rub off on the youngsters.

Maybe Option 4 is my only choice.
4. Leave things as they are, hoping that
a) Granny will not come over too seldom. The house wouldn't cope.
b) Granny will not start coming over too often.. I wouldn't cope.


  1. Why do I feel tired after reading that?!

  2. Lol, that made me smile. We used to have the same - whenever I'd start hoovering enthusiastically the children would ask "who's coming to visit?" (It's not so bad now since most of them are old enough to wield a hoover too.

  3. I just loved this post. It is really true, we clean mostly when company is coming over. "Thank goodness for company" is what I say; it is the thing that gets my house good and clean each week.:) I really love your blog. It is wonderful to get a chance to get a delightful peek into your life there in Scotland.
    Many blessings Pam

  4. We don't have any relatives who live nearby and my daughter did not care for having to clean house so "in depth" whenever someone WAS coming. Yes, it would be an all-day process! (And, I almost hate to admit this, but I now have a housecleaner so we go through this process every other week - but it is much quicker.) :-)

  5. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. You've made my day! and it's made my day that there are others like me! (I Must tell Mum!)


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