Our First Lamb

Today we have our first lamb. Lambs, actually: one set of twins, and one single lamb. They were born in the midst of darkness, strong winds and hail showers. They are hardy little things.

There's a photo of Lamb #1 below. The kids have called him (her? it?!) Alpha.

Just to clarify. We don't have sheep. But the Builder's Big Brother has. And our children feel as if they are their sheep.

Me? I think they all look the same. The kids think this is the height of ignorance. They name them; they recognise them; they think they're lovely.

Me? I think they're lovely too. When they're tiny. When they're cute. And when they're on a plate. The end.

These are photos of the present:

Lamb with mother


This is a photo of the future

Meat and 2 veg. Yum!

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  1. I feel very hungry looking at that last pic!!! Cute lamb!


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