Listen with Mother!

Sometimes it's not practical to have a sermon playing while we do our housework: if our children are with us and want to talk with us, it would not be wise to be listening to a sermon instead of to them, for example.

But often, we have opportunities. I have found that playing a sermon in the kitchen while I work is hugely beneficial. Oh, I come and I go, and I don't hear it all. I certainly don't take it all in, but there are always 'snippets' that do me good. Sometimes, I will play the same sermon two or three times, and over the course of the day or two, I am able to hear almost the whole message. Most of the sermons I listen to come from Sermon Audio - a most wonderful store of sermons.

And here, you can listen to the Bible, beautifully read. What better 'background noise' could we have whilst we go about our daily chores?


  1. I had no idea you could listen to the bible online. What a good idea! I can't get it to play for me for some reason though, have to get MitS to look at it later.

  2. I quite agree with this post! :)


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