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And blessed be His glorious name

to all eternity;

The whole earth let his glory fill,

Amen, so let it be.

If you have never been part of a heartily singing congregation, singing this psalm to the tune Effingham, you don't know what you're missing! There are some things in this life you really have got to experience. This is one of them. We have just had our communion weekend. If you have never heard of Scottish Communions, read about them here:

We had a wonderful time of remembering Christ's death, of listening to God's word being preached, of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. These weekends are so special, and their fragrance lasts and lasts.

So...I better introduce! I am Anne, wife of one - the Builder - and mother of four, all of whom you'll meet soon. I will post photos up shortly. When? Oh well, okay, I may as well be honest. I will post photos when my daughters are here with me. They're more technologically minded than I am. And no, that wouldn't take much.

We homeschool. Learning about, and beginning to home-schooling is probably the single most life-changing event that happened to us, apart from our being saved. Our journey has been nothing short of awesome, life-changing, all-consuming. Homeschooling was almost unheard of in Scotland when we began this journey. Even now, nearly ten years on, most people have never heard of such a thing. I wouldn't swap it for the world.

We live on an island off the West coast of Scotland. Bit by bit, I will tell you more and more about our home life, our community, our heritage. So much to say. I hope it will whet your appetite for this fabulous part of the world.

Last week, we began planting seeds - indoors. Until two years ago, I'd never so much as kept a plant alive for more than a week. Then we began growing some vegetables. Last year, we grew even more. I became hooked. Big time. More on this in the weeks to come. And yes, more photos.

Before I close this first post, I must tell you that the Builder and I went on a date this week. Big deal? Yep. Hey - four kids, homeschooling.....need I say more. This is not a regular occurrence. In fact, this really is not an occurrence. So - the other evening we got out together and went to.............actually, I don't think I'll say. A momentary lapse into knowing when to hold my tongue. Rest assured, this will not happen often. Probably as often as dates with the Builder. It'll all be revealed soon. I just don't do the holding-my-tongue stuff well. Watch this space.

You'll laugh. Or cry.


  1. Hi! I've always wanted to visit Scotland! :) It is nice to know that there is still homeschooling in Scotland. We heard that there were some rules made in Great Britain that had put homeschooling in danger. Did those effect your family? I am 17 and praise God that I am homeschooled! Keep up the good work!
    -Rachel from ourfamilyviewfromustwo.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Rachel! You are my first commenter EVER!! So, thank you.
    So far, the laws have not been changed in England nor in Scotland. In fact, we have amazing freedom here. At the moment - and we are really praying things will not change - if your child has never been to State school, you do not have to inform anyone you are homeschooling, or have to have any inspections whatsoever. It's actually amazing. Much more freedom here than in the Land of the Free.... Long may it last. (The rules are slightly different if your children have been to State school and are then removed.)

  3. What a beautiful blog and I am so excited to return! Especially since you are from such an amazing part of the world! I am a homeschool graduate and love hearing about other families and their journeys.

    God bless :)


  4. Thanks for clearing that up! Sounds like the rules are alot like those in Oklahoma in our USA! In Virginia, where my family and I live, the rules are fairly relaxed, and you can do something called "religious exemption" which means that you don't have to be tested yearly, if you feel that it is not what you are led to do. We are religious exempt, because my parents don't feel that the Lord has our homeschooling tailored to what the "world" says we should learn each year. Maybe I should come visit Scotland some day! ;) -Rachel

  5. Hi Anne, will look forward to keeping up with you on the blog and hopefully one day meeting you! :) God bless!

  6. What will happen to the socail side of things?

  7. Also do you homeschool because of the reputation of local schools?

  8. Anonymous: I am happy to answer any questions that appear in my comments here, though when they are from 'anonymous' it certainly makes it more strange. I don't homeschool because of the reputation of local schools, and the other question was, I think, answered here (in the post and in the questions:

  9. Also are you're children happy being homeschooled or do they want to have the oportunity to go to school and to be able to have the same life as everyone else or do they like being able to say that they had the opportunity to be homeschool and that they would rather being homeschooled? I was born in Ness and have Family in Ness and love seeing your picture for it reminds me off times when i was young. Thank you and i appreciate you taking the time to answer my qeustions.


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