As an aside...

I'm gonna post later today. I've been planting seeds, and potting some seedlings. These seeds have become my friends.

But, I've got to tell you this. My friend, Dawn, makes the most unimaginably delicious carrot cake ever. She has just posted the recipe on her blog. I told her not to. She should have the copyright. Anyway, she didn't listen, and now you can make and taste - what I've never made, but have tasted. From her. For free!

Have a look here.


  1. Very kind compliment Anne, but the recipe is not mine, simply out of a book!

  2. Well Dawn,
    It's VERYY true! You're cakes are AMAZING! Mmmm.... Though they may be out of a book it must be a touch of yours that makes them even better! ;)


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