Update on The Schedule....

So....you want to know how it's going? No! Oh well, I'm gonna update anyway!

I have been up and about every morning as planned.

End of update.

What? You want more?

Well, on Wednesday, my friend, my sister and their children came to visit.
On Thursday my Mum and Dad arrived before noon to spend the afternoon with us.
On Friday, our car had to spend the day in the garage, and so I had to leave here shortly after 9am.
Today (Monday), I was all over the place with Dad having been taken in to hospital yesterday, and being flown to the mainland today.

But.........Yes, there's a 'but'. This is what I've found: because I've been up early; because I've had my devotions early; because I'm able to have laundry done in the morning; because our 'school' day is beginning earlier, and is more structured.....what I have found is that all the 'unexpecteds' - whether delightful ones, like having visitors, or the not-so-delightful ones, like going to the garage, or today - have not meant that everything in the household has gone to pot! Things are running incredibly smoothly (well, by my standards!). It makes such a difference when dinner is planned the day before; when laundry is done early in the day; when the main lessons are done early (when children are at their brightest, and Mum's brain is still functioning. Mmmm). Yep, The Schedule is here to stay.

For now anyway.

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