Green Fingers

Today, I was planting. That's why I spent the day with a smile on my face. Here is a photo of what I was doing today.

And here are some I made earlier....2 weeks ago, I planted the seeds. They were kept under polythene in our porch - warm and sunny.

Here are some we planted MUCH earlier! A year ago!

And this is what I do with some of them.

Ready to be made into Scotch Broth.

The planting bug only bit 2 years ago. And it has well and truly bitten!

I'll keep you all updated as the seedlings grow, are transplanted outside, and as the vegetable plot begins to shine.

Oh yes, I'll tell you all about it. Whether you're interested or not! Cos I just can't stop talking about them. They're amazing. Keep a note of that word. It will appear time and time again in connection with my veg. Why? - Well, because they are. Amazing.


  1. I'm gonna sound so stupid... but I didn't know that carrots came from a seed.

  2. What is Scotch Broth? It looks good!
    -Us two

  3. Scotch Broth is basically vegetable soup, but with 'broth mixture' - barley, mainly, with some added split pea etc - added to the raw veg. It all get cooked together, and you end up with a plate of 'total goodness'.....or so I keep telling our kids! It's delicious. And very Scottish!


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