Yet another London Post ... III

Did you know ...

... that this creation is made of meringue

Told you!

Do you know ...

I think this could be my favourite photo from our London trip.

It's just so .... so London. It's alive. Nelson's column is visible. Westminster is visible. Black cabs, people going about their business, scaffolding (London style, not Parisian).

We loved staying here.

(Did you choke on your coffee when you read that? Dearie me, if you didn't, it means you may have taken my comment seriously!

Erm .... Nope. We did not stay here!)

Did you know ...

that I was almost lying on the pavement taking this photo. On a busy London street, that is not always the wisest thing to do.

Did you know ...

... about Boris' Bikes?

... that this photo makes my  heart go pitter-patter?

And that it's another of my favourite photos from London?

~     ~     ~

This is Spittafield market, and I reckon everyone who visits London needs to get off the beaten track at least once, visit a local market, and maybe even get slightly lost in the process.

Not that I'm saying we did. Just saying you ought to do all of the above.

Before you visit London, make sure you find out where the Hummingbird Cake establishments are.

You must - must - visit.

Visit and enjoy.

Did you know ...

that the distance between Nelson's hat and the bottom of the column is the same as the height of the mast on Nelson's ship, HMS Victory?

Lady Thatcher lives on this street, and her house is easily spotted because of the permanent presence of a policeman outside.

Ex-Prime Ministers in the UK are given protection for the rest of their lives.

(Are y'all getting fed up of photos from London? If you are, please look away now. If you can bear to come on the tour with me, here are some more.)

This area of Belgravia - only minutes from bustling London streets - is quiet and secluded. When the bus stopped I was able to hear birds singing.

In the middle of this photo, you can see a Cabby Hut. These huts were set up around a century ago to serve tea and coffee to the cab drivers. Why? Well, to keep them from the drinking establishments, of course!

Some of my favourite scenes from London involve the Old and the New. Westminster Tower and Big Ben with the London Eye in the background.

~     ~     ~

Only the top of this tall monument is visible here. It's the monument to those who lost their lives in the Great Fire of London. And did you know...

that if you laid the monument on the ground in an eastward direction, the top would reach the spot on Pudding Lane where the fire is thought to have begun.

Did you know...

that this is a beach ... London style.

Okay, so that was a bit cheeky, but it was the closest I saw to a sandy beach.

This is the building which houses the London Assembly.

That means it's Boris' Building. The thistle image makes me sure that although Boris is a Londoner, his heart just may be in Scotland.

Ya reckon?

Another Old and New photo.

I am enjoying trawling through my London album. 

Can you tell!


  1. Cabby hut! That must have been the indiscernible green hut we saw in the middle of a very busy street. We were wondering what could be in that hut to risk "death by traffic" from two directions. We also saw people "beachcombing" when the tide was out, and I sooo wanted to go down there. Hubby said, get back up here!

  2. Glad you didn't get trampled while taking that photo. It is a good one. My fav is Big Ben with the wheel though. Don't know if we will ever make it to London so I enjoyed seeing it through your eyes.

  3. How I would love to go back there. My friend who used to live there moved back, so now I have a valid excuse. No funds, but a great excuse! It looks like a lovely trip. The meringue tower is lovely and I will have to try that when I entertain. I love the countryside there and would enjoy seeing it in more detail than past trips. I'd also love to travel to your lovely home town. One day...

  4. BTW- do you have some of your children on this side of the pond?Please E-mail me if they are in our area.

  5. Looks like you are having a great time! I've never been there, didn't know those things and it's very interesting.

  6. one can never post too many pictures!!!! Thanks again for sharing

  7. Our family is very much in love with London too...perhaps has something to do with Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes...one day WE will be posting pics as great as these!
    Thanks for sharing your pics and London Info!

  8. Wow, what great photos! I have the hummingbird bakery cookbook! It's the best ever made, I love the yummy recipes!

  9. Great photo's. when will you be writting your Beating retreat blog. I've been looking forward to it and all the extra photos.


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