London I - Madame Tussauds

Where on earth do I begin? I had such a wonderful trip to London - it was way beyond anything I'd expected. I'll begin with our visit to Madame Tussauds - probably the one place we wouldn't visit again. However, having dropped in, we made the most of it! I tried some of the wax models out for size.

(I didn't know this fella's name, and I do apologize profusely to any of you who are huge huge fans of his.)

Anyway, he's tall. Very, very tall.

I couldn't go wrong with a Scotsman, could I? 

Is Sean really this tall?

Ahhh, Bruce. TALL.

Colin.... Do folks not get dizzy at this height?

Er...  Pass.

I don't know how this photo sneaked its way in here. Both Dawn and I checked out the names on the wall, but we were still none the wiser. Sorry guys, I know you must be very famous, because you were one of the few models with an 'official' photographer.

Back to the height thing.

I saw Bruce, so I had to see John Wayne. After all, I couldn't come home telling one ram I'd seen his namesake, and not the other's.

John Wayne. Erm, what's with the stance?

Moving on...

Man Alive! The height of this guy! Boris Becker is t-a-l-l.

I wasn't able to stand beside these folks, but it was nice to say Hi.

But this Boris was very welcoming. Even given that he's standing on a plinth, he is tall.

Very tall.

You will notice that all the guys I've been photographed with are tall.

It aint me that's small.

I was just beginning to worry that the only fella in the whole place for me was going to be the French ex-President, when I found ...

My Ideal Man

So why would I not visit again?

Well, there are so many things to do in London that a place has to be very, very interesting for a second visit to be justified. But apart from that, I think I may be a bit old for the noise. It was like being at a disco (though I don't think there is such a thing as a disco any more, is there?!). It was noisy, there were quite a number of models we didn't recognise and there was a Horror Dungeon. That is not my cup o' tea, and parents would certainly have to be warned before taking children. It was definitely not suitable for younger children, and we didn't even see the worst part (which was avoidable, unlike the part we did see).

I didn't hate it, but I thought I'd begin my holiday posts with what was my least favourite site. It's all up from here, so hang about for the rest of the holiday news. 

Have I mentioned that I loved London? 

Okay, okay. But it is worth repeating.


  1. I know who they are - I had to think hard....one's a vampire and one is a werewolf....

    Patrick Stewart is the first one. Otherwise known as Jean-luc Pickard. Star Trek? X-men?

    John Wayne is hardly looking the picture of masculinity...

    Ahhhh, Mr Darcy...

    Moving on...are they really life-sized??...if so, there are a lot of people who are taller than I thought! Or, it couldn't be because....nah, you're surely not only 5 feet??? ;-p

  2. Hello - nice to find your lovely blog - and just up the road too! Have been seriously thinking about HE for our son, but it is a hard choice to make with a good school in the village.
    Anyway - love your photos, even if I didn't recognise them all. I agree with your thoughts on MT. Not a place I would rush back to, form mostly the same reasons.

  3. I love the expressions of your face in those pictures!!

  4. the 2 young men are from the Twilight movies - they are the characters of Edward (vampire) and Jacob (werewolf). teen idols. :)

  5. !!! Very interesting. I didn't see any of those guys when we visited six years ago. Then it was lots of rock/pop stars. Disappointing in that regard, but I did find the really old waxies interesting - like sleeping beauty with her mechanical lungs. I agree - once is good. So when you and I go there sometime we can skip it.

  6. Well, okay, I did see some of them! Not Colin!!

  7. Fun pictures. I'm assuming the two young men were famous Americans? I don't know who they were either?lol Can't wait to see more from your trip. It was fun seeing you pop in every now and then on FB.

  8. These are so funny - why on earth are they all so tall?! I got Patrick Stewart but the other two not a clue until I read someone elses comment. Enjoy your trip

  9. My daughter and I just returned from a three week trip to England. It was heavenly! We have family just south of London and so we enjoyed our time with them and visiting London, Brighton, Eastborne, the Lake District and Paris, France. Sigh... It's just a wonderful memory now but we hope to return someday!


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