Trawling through the Past Week's Facebook

For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, here are some of my recent statuses.

Friday 11th

Here's the Builder arriving home after cycling home from work.

He was working in town.... yep, after a week's work, he cycles the 25 miles home.

He's trying to keep up to my level of fitness.

   ~  ~  ~   

Saturday 12th

I believe Mother's Day is coming up soon if you live on 'the other side', but for us in the UK, Mother's Day is in March.

On Mother's Day of 1995, our first daughter was born. 

On Mother's Day of 1997, our second daughter was born. No kidding! 

Two daughters. Both on Mother's Day. 

Best. gifts. ever.

~   ~   ~

Wednesday 9th

-1C windchill out there. 50mph North-easterly wind. Brrrrr!

I'm very thankful to be in my warm home tonight and not outside.

~   ~   ~

Tuesday 9th

Stroll on! Trying to arrange a holiday for two irate teenagers aint easy.

Where's Frank Egglehoffer when you need him?

~   ~   ~

Monday 8th

Builder + Weathered Tan = *Very* nice 

.... Just sayin' ;)

(and of course, this is simply my personal opinion)

~   ~   ~

Saturday, 6th

Wow... that moon is *really* bright tonight :)

(This was the night our moon was closer to the Earth than normal and so appeared a good bit larger. It really was beautiful when I went out to take the photo.)


  1. such sweet mother's day gifts! :)

  2. How marvelous that your daughters were both born on Mother's Day. God indeed gave you extra special gifts in His design there. I have been so busy I haven't "visited" you in a while. :) So glad I did. God bless and keep you today Anne. As usual, I love all your pictures.


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