Sunshine and Planting ... Makes me very Happy

And so the plotting begins....

Happy Days

Seeing the ground being ploughed, 

the tatties being placed in the furrow,

and watching the next furrow being, er, furrowed, 

whilst the previous row of tatties gets covered up. So good.

That ploughing is just so clever.

The other part of the plot was ploughed and then rotovated. 

And then my boys got to work erecting The Cage.

By the time the Builder had the door in place, 

I'd planted the first of my seedlings to find their way into the ground.

The forecast is looking good for this coming week, so hopefully, these little babies will not take too badly to being taken out of the warm greenhouse and placed outdoors. I'm planning on filling this cage by early next week with the rest of the seedlings that have reached this stage. 

Today had sunshine. And ploughing. And planting.

Happy Days indeed...


  1. Glad to see your garden is getting a good start!

  2. Nice! How big of a garden do you have?

  3. Love reading your gardening posts! It's so much fun to see how other people garden. May your garden bloom abundantly this year!

  4. Sweet! Are they in the same places as last year? Something looks different, but too close to tell.


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