In the Greenhouse Right Now ...

Just a bit of what's happening in the wee greenhouse just now:

some Lettuce leaves ready for a bit of cutting and eating, methinks

Courgette seedlings  (zucchini to you Americans) ready for going into the ground

Unfortunately, although they are ready, the ground isn't ready for them. It really is too cold for these poor little babies to head outdoors.

Coriander (cilantro). This is my favourite herb. I simply love it, and I love the shape of the little leaves as they take on their distinctive coriander shape.

These are the two Raspberry plants I left to die last Autumn. Shame on me! I was ready to chuck them in the compost when I went to clean out the greenhouse to begin this year's planting. I am so glad I gave them a good ol' shearing and an opportunity to show whether they were alive or not. They look wonderful and the buds are already forming.

I was ready to do the same with these Strawberry plants....

... and look what we have here!

Finally, for now, some garlic bulbs, just beginning to sprout.

As y'all know if you've been listening to me this past few weeks (of course, it's eminently possible, and even likely, that you haven't been listening to me, because some of you may actually have lives to live ...), our weather is cool.

Okay, so it's cold. That means that the seedlings which would be ready to plant out the plot (ahem, our vegetable plot, not our burial plot ;) will have to survive another while under glass.

Last year's summer stayed very cool for the whole summer, but the brassica plants survived really well - in fact, it was our best year yet for broccoli and cauliflower. They are kept in the 'cages', to keep the butterflies out, and to give them wind protection. I read last year that brassicas in general grow better in cooler temperatures, so they are definitely suitable for our climate (as long as we give them some wind protection). 

All being well, in the next few weeks, our cages will be erected, and the ground made suitable for planting in The Plot.


  1. Your plants look lovely and hearty! We have very few things growing this year, would love to have more. If we can ever teach Boone to stop chewing on plants, we just might have a chance someday!

  2. Looks like everything is coming right along. My garden is as well, as are the weeds! Grrrr.....

  3. super duper amazing! xx


  4. Youre plants look beautiful! We brought in a few gallons of strawberries already! I guess our weather is a 'wee bit' warmer over here:)

  5. Oh wow! How I would love to have a greenhouse to walk through! Lovely photos!


  6. Those strawberries are going to be so good! We just got some from the store and although they aren't homegrown, I'm excited to eat them!


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