Maths Class Skipped for .... Life 101

The Wee Guy was just getting ready to begin Maths this morning when Big Brother came a-calling. Now, when BB calls, we jump.

"Yes, Sir. Anything you say, Sir."

We're a well-trained bunch, us lot.

So, instead of keeping up with his 8-times-table, and learning more about fractions, the Wee Guy got to spend the best part of the day moving sheep, and working in the fank down on the machair - and all in glorious sunshine. 

I thought of re-naming the class Biology. Or Agricultural Studies.

In the end, I went for simply: Life 101. Yep, I think that sums it up, and tomorrow, he has more of the same.

The Mamas who had twins were brought down from the croft beside us to the fank.

So cute. Aye, both lamb and boy ;)

The lambs stuck close by their Mamas at first,

but after their markings were done, they seemed happy to relax in the sunshine.

Big Brother and the Wee Guy were able to relax and admire.

Aye, mate, it's a hard life isn't it?

And tomorrow all being well ... you'll have Part 2 of LIFE 101.

(Tomorrow, I'll let y'all know some of the whys and wherefores of what was happening with the sheep. For now though, just enjoy admiring the sheep and my boy.  Oh, and Big Brother at work ;)

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  1. Can't wait for tomorrow's post! ;-D AS for today's, I must just say again how much the Wee Guy looks like DR!!!! Glad you are enjoying the sunshine...rain, wind and rain here! :-)

  2. These are the best school days we can have. Thanks for sharing.

  3. what a great bit of life your boy gets to share.

  4. I love the picture of the Wee Guy w/ the lamb! Tell Wee Guy he simply cannot grow up! Just pause right here in all his little boy cuteness! Shhhh, don't let him know I said little boy. I believe he's actually getting a better education in that Life 101 class.

    Looks like you are enjoying some really splendid weather! Blue skies! Gorgeous!


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