The Greenhouse so Far

Y'all wanna come have a peek inside the greenhouse?

Lettuce leaves. They are so cute.

Broccoli seedlings. They're kinda cute too.

Courgettes. They are fascinating.

Raspberry bushes. They are hardy.

Do you know that this raspberry bush sat in the greenhouse all winter without a drop of water? I am ashamed to admit that I'd allowed both my raspberry bushes to die. When I went into the greenhouse last month (March, er, in case you don't realise where we are in the year), I thought I'd prune them right down.... just in case.

See what happened? I can hardly believe it. I feel I ought to apologize every time I go into the greenhouse now for leaving them to die. 

The leaves look quite sweet really. In fact, terribly sweet. 
(Did you know this phrase - 'terribly sweet' - has been a favourite in our home since our English Friends visited last New Year. It simply isn't the kind of language we are used to up in the wild, barbaric Highlands, but we kinda liked it.

'Terribly sweet'

They were, and so are my raspberry bushes.


  1. ha ha. i like that 'terribly sweet'. :) and glad your raspberry bushes have forgiven you!

  2. You and I must be kindred spirits in the gardening world. We seem to have a mellow thought process about growing things! Glad those raspberries are forgiving!

  3. Your seedlings look very robust and healthy! I'm having mixed results. What kind of soil do you use? Packaged from the garden center?


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