Chatting Again ...

1. Do you prefer wallpaper or paint?

Our whole house is painted, but it was newly built when we were painting. Sometimes, the walls don't make painting easy, but I like the simplicity of painted walls.

Actually, paint choosing and I are awfully good friends. When choosing paint, I buy about twenty tester-pots. I try them out and the Builder humours me by allowing me to try them all out on the prospective wall. I hum-and-haw for days, looking, wondering, and questioning.

I then make my decision.

Magnolia! (or at least a member of the Magnolia family)

And the Builder smiles that smile which says, 'I could have told you that in the very beginning.'.

2. What qualities make a good friend?

I love friends who will listen a bit, but who will talk. Although I'm a bletherer myself, I really love to hear friends talk. After the small-talk stage, I like to really get to know a person, so I think having friends who will open up about thoughts, feelings, troubles and joys is a real treat.

3. Are you planning a summer vacation?

Nope. We still dream of getting back across the Atlantic for another holiday some day, but for the time being, we will enjoy our summers here at home.

4. Do you have a garage, carport, park on the street, or park in your driveway?

We have a garage attached to our house, and you probably remember that, last year, we had an, er ... incident in it.

You remember this:

5. Tell me something interesting about your week.

I had a great week! A family I'd only known online came to Lewis and we met up twice this week. 

We spent time at the fabulous Dunes Playpark in Eoropie, and also visiting the lighthouse, 'our' beach, and Port of Ness. I'll show some photos of the park just now, and post some of the others in another blogpost.

A pair of cuties on a see-saw

Yep, this little one has DR wrapped around her little finger ;)

Give me strength, Katie! It's not quite the Arctic!

Catherine, and the wee fella who has her wrapped around his little finger.

This family I met for the first time homeschool family from London (that's a big city in a foreign country, a long, long way from here, in case you didn't know ;)

It was such a blessing to meet others who love the Lord, whose kids were a joy, and with whom we had an immediate bond. Yep, it was a good week.


  1. Oh My! Hope your garage is all fixed now. I love meeting new people too. it's so cute how the little ones just melted the older ones hearts. have a blessed week :o)

  2. I rather like that arctic hat! lol

  3. I do remember the garage thing. I do hope it is repaired by now. Maybe I should have you pick a new color for my dining room. Right now it is tan on top, which I like. But the bottom is brown, which I am not fond of. Hmmm. Any ideas? I am thinking a blue or red color.

  4. I love the way the LORD brings HIS children into your life!! And....you get to meet them in your home! What a blessing, Anne!

  5. I always love learning more about you Anne! Looks like a fun visit w/ your internet friends! Looks like Katie and I have the same needs, WARMTH! Bundle up Katie girl!


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