More Chat with Patrice

Patrice, I believe you're having wonderful weather where you are. I will love being able sit out on your porch again, though the fireside chats were lovely too.

Fire away, Patrice - oh, maybe that's not the most appropriate phrase to use to an American. Here in the UK, it simply means to begin talking, or asking. Er, just to clarify ;)

Oh just ask your questions so I don't stick my foot in it again!

1. What's your favourite clock - digital or an old-fashioned face with hands?

An old-fashioned face.  I love clocks. I'm not sure why, but there is something very lovely about an old clock. I absolutely *love* real Grandfather clocks, though we don't have one of those. My bedside clock is digital, and is ahead by, er, maybe 10? or 15? minutes. I intentionally don't check, so that my half-asleep brain will not try and work it out in the mornings.

Yet another insight into how my mind works.

Scary, isn't it.

2. What's your favourite type of bird?

Oh, that's easy!

This one...
...showing its good side,

....its being washed, 

... its being cooked,

... and ready to be eaten.

Not what you meant, Patrice?

Oh, you mean living birds...?

I once saw a wildlife programme showing eagles soaring in the Norwegian fjords. I fell in love with the Norwegian fjords and with the eagle then. Its grace and majesty and elegance and power and awesomeness. It really is King of the Air.

When we lived in Glasgow, we had Blackbirds and Thrushes in our garden, and their singing was a joy to hear. On summer evenings, and early in the morning, the sounds of their music was truly lovely. I miss that a lot here. 

3. How do you feel about being in front of people? This could include meetings, speeches, performing, or just saying something at a party.

Nightmare. Absolute nightmare, Patrice. I often look at folks standing in front of people making a speech - whether serious or funny - and admire them so much. I could never, ever, do it.

I come out in a sweat simply writing about, so I think we'll quickly move on!

4. What is the last item of clothing you purchased?

I bought two items of clothing recently: one of them is 'totally me'. The other - a pair of shoes - is not.

Let me explain: the jumper (sweater, to you guys across the Pond - not what you call a jumper) is cream, knitted, has 3/4 sleeves (always a help when one's arms are, er, well, you know....), and is a basic square shape.

This. is. me. It is my comfort zone. My boots, my cut-offs and this loose, shapeless, cream knitted jumper is how I'd live were it possible to get off with that rig-out always.

I can actually see my sister's face as she reads this. Hi Marina! Can you believe we're sisters?!

The shoes I bought, though, are not typically Me at all. They are black patent shoes, with a high heel and a bow on the front. Catherine and Katie are mad at me for having Size 3 feet which means the shoes cannot be shared.

5. Please give me a caption or a Wendell quote for this picture.

"Bloomin' chickens.... you'd think they owned the place."


  1. So fun to read your answers! Love those bloomin' chickens!....the bird at the top..well, I'm skeptical...not so certain I could love it...
    Hope you have a glorious day!

  2. Great caption! I just couldn't think of one. I'll leave all that captions to those who do a great job.

  3. That bird reminded me of the man recently charged with shooting and killing a California Condor, rare and protected. When he got before the judge, he was extremely apologetic, said he knew it was wrong, but he had to feed his family.
    Believe it or not, the judge actually felt compassion and understood his plight. But the judge had one question: "what did it taste like?"
    "Well sir," the man said. "To be honest, it tastes like a cross between the American Bald Eagle and the Spotted Owl." (rimshot pleast).

  4. As always, I love learning more about you. You are going to have to take a pic of your new shoes, they sound really cute! Sz 3 in the UK, wonder what that is here??? My W, wears a a size 3 US, and has to buy her shoes in the children's section. It is sad, since she is a young lady, and doesn't want to wear shoes w/ pink accents for the rest of her life. Every now and then she does find a plain pair, and we all rejoice w/ her! Because those finds are very rare!

  5. I had to laugh at your favorite bird.It must be yummy, but it looks so-uh-unusual! I like a clock face too. Many of the shapes of older clocks are quite lovely. I understand what you mean about daughters wanting to share shoes. I have to hide new shoes because I have one who wears the same size and likes most of the shoes I buy. Some are safe though.:)I am certain that Wendell would say that. He's been chasing the chickens lately. It must be latent rodeo instincts! Have a good rest of the week and a great weekend!

  6. That bird, the one you cooked, I just can't imagine! My, my, my. Your new shoes sound lovely and uncomfortable. I also enjoy clocks with faces and hands. Thank you for teaching us more of your culture with the "jumper" lesson. I never would have guessed it was a sweater.

    God bless you and yours today


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