Evidence of Spring... Daffodils

Today, our garden showed off some of these ...

...not many, but just enough to prove that Spring is in the air.

Sadly there are gales forecast for the rest of the week, so my guess is that their beauty will be very short-lived. 

When I saw these daffodils this morning, I remembered last year's beauties. They didn't last long either, but their appearance did remind me of the ongoing nature of the seasons and of God's created order. 

Last year, we were still grieving the loss our our dear friends' son. Today, I heard the dreadfully sad news of the death of a dear friend's father. Once again, we're shown the contrasts in the world in which we live: beauty and glory and wonder on the one hand, but pain and death and sorrow and sin on the other. We live in a fallen world, but a world also filled with evidences of God's majesty, His wisdom, and yes, His mercy.

It's there for all to see. Just open your eyes, and your hearts, and you will see it too. 


  1. i am sorry for another loss in your friend circle. it is a perpetual cycle.

    love the yellow blooms against the blue sky. :)

  2. I'm sorry you are going thru that. It seems to happen more as we grow older. In the past month our church has lost 4 wonderful soldiers of the cross. Last week a young mom from my daughter's preschool class went to meet her Creator. It's a humbling reminder to see the beauty every day and live for him in every moment! You are in our prayers.

  3. The earth is filled with His glory! We recently picked daffodils at a local farm - so fun to watch my girl running through the fields.

    Grief is painful. I've had a heavy dose of that myself the past few years. But I know suffering is not meaningless. It has a great purpose.

  4. A thought-full post. Thank you for the reminders. And wonderful cheery signs of spring.

  5. Yes, a very thoughtful post. We've been rejoicing over here, one who married into the family, my sister's husband, his eyes have been opened by the Lord, and he now knows what the saving grace of God is for himself! It is a glorious time for our family! 33 yrs. of prayers have gone up for this man, 33 yrs! And God in His mercy has brought this sinner to a saving faith in Christ! Praising God!

    1. Oh Mrs C! That is so wonderful! And that gives us encouragement to... keep praying! Rejoicing with you :))

  6. Love this post! I am in love with daffodils, longtime favorite of mine as they herald the coming of spring! We didn't really have a winter to speak of in my neck of the woods, so daffodils have been blooming brightly for at least 2 weeks now.....but I love them, anytime of year! Great reminders in your post today. God bless!

  7. Your daffodils are lovely...spring is definately coming...my husband today let us know that we are getting 3.5 more minutes of daylight every day! I love daylightened mornings!

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