On the Reason for Sheep...

You know, something tells me that some of you readers out there are under the misapprehension that I have no time for Big Brother's sheep; that I don't cherish them as I ought; that I don't appreciate the work that's involved in rearing them; that I don't value them for the top class Blackface sheep they are.

I have no idea how you guys could have come to these conclusions.

I show you photos showing the stupidity wisdom in working regardless of the weather.
And of how dense intelligent these animals are - going just where Big Brother and Builder want them to go
(You see the two of them near the top of the photo? You'd never guess they were brothers, eh?)

I show you them prancing in the road in their newly manicured pedicured feet. (I feel I should be stroking 'feet' out too. I'm sure that's not what they have, but I can't get the word...paws? hooves? Is it hooves?? I daren't go ask.... just how thick can a crofter's wife be? 

I'd appreciate if none of you answered that, thank you)

And here they are looking lost when there really is only one road to follow.

And they're guys, so they wont be asking directions of anyone.

Well, enough of the past. You are now all convinced of my appreciation of these animals.

And, as for myself, well, I have to admit that on occasion ... it has been known to happen ... I do question BB on why on earth he would spend every spare minute of his waking life tending to his beloved pets sheep; how on earth he can tell one from the other; and why he doesn't swap them for cows.

But today, I realised why we he has sheep.

Lamb Curry.

It makes it all worthwhile.

Apologies to any vegetarians out there. Maybe I ought to have posted some warnings at the beginning of the post like I did the other day.

On the other hand, I doubt any vegetarians drop by here. But if you do, er... you are most welcome. Honest.


  1. hmm...i wonder if we should rethink getting sheep this spring?!

    is that cilantro on the lamb curry? maybe i get over the shock of eating rabbit stew we should give that a try! :)

  2. Hysterical, Anne!!!!

    I love Chicken Curry! Does it taste like that dish?


  3. It is cilantro - though we call it coriander. I *love* it in curries and stir-fry... and loads of other things!

    Leslie, I guess similar curries are similar, regardless of the meat in them. So a Tikka Masala will be similar whether it's chicken or another meat; and a Bhuna will be the same. I love most curries....love 'em! x

  4. The curry looks wonderful and I have to admit that the men sheep look most stylish even in their confusion.

  5. YUM! That curry looks delicious!
    Sheep really are dumb, silly animals, but for some reason I love them all the same - & they are a whole heap easier to work with than cows (after all you would never want to stand in the yards with cows crushing around you, but sheep - they are so soft!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend & enjoy those sheep - even if only in the cooking pot!

  6. You have very handsome sheep. Seriously, those horns are impressive.

    This post made me laugh! Thanks. :)

  7. We had sheep when I was a child.
    They were nowhere nearly as interesting looking as yours though. And one was a meany...he was always butting...and it hurt!
    Do I appear "dumb" because I don't know what "croft" or "crofter" mean??? I must google these terms, I don't like not being in the know.
    I've never had curry. It's not a dish that is largely prepared here. But, I'm always willing to try and yours looks delicious!
    Oh and I wanted to mention that I adore your photos in an earlier post! I love love love good sunrise/sunset photos!
    Blessings! Julie

  8. Ha, ha, ha Anne, you always make me laugh. Steve and I were both reading your blog this morning while we drank our coffee. He had a good laugh. He was remembering when the cows broke through a fence to get to the dried up grass on the other side and was asked why they would break through a fence to get to grass that was not better on the other side, he said... "I don't know, but that's why we eat them". Ha ha. So you see even cows leave you with the same conclusion, although I feel like Renata does about sheep (and I feel the same about cows too).... I still really love them. I love the look of your (or I should say Big Brother's) black faced sheep. The curry looks great... I will be looking for the recipe.
    Much Love,

  9. Haha..on reading this post a wee while after it being written, I felt I needed to make clear that it may possibly be true that vegetarians seldom visit, myself although technically a pescetarian (I do love and eat fish!), having unexpectedly arriving at the house for lunch on a communion Saturday with the traditional roast already prepared :s I was indeed made VERY welcome! Not only through the amazing hostess skills, and AMAZING food, (maybe slightly biased after being rather embarrassingly I admit, given 4 helpings of pudding!! by the highly generous daughter! But also by the sheer warmth and presence of the Lord and I certainly went home (well fed!) and truly blessed after a wonderful day with the family...so thank you once again! :)
    P.s Hope it's not too long before seeing you all again!

    1. Catriona, thank you for your lovely comment :) It was so lovely to meet you that Saturday (even though I didn't know you'd consumed 4 puddings. Hmmmm....not sure if I'll be asking *you* back ;) !!)
      Hope we'll see you in the not-too-distant future xx


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