Casting Long Shadows

I took this photo at midday on Saturday.

We had snow!

We had sunshine!

We also had long shadows. Even at midday, the house shadow is long. You see, up here in the Arctic Circle Isle of Lewis, the climate was made for winter hibernation. I reckon we'd function well for the other three seasons of the year if we got to hibernate all winter.

Our energy would be high come Spring. We'd be off with a spring in our step and a song on our lips. The sun would be shining; the cute lambs would be appearing; Mr Wayne would have stopped his wallowing. All would be well. 

But, as it is, we don't hibernate. We don't catch up on lost sleep. We don't lose our excess fat.

If we had any. Which, of course, we, well, er.... 

Where were we? Yes, shadows and sheep.

Look at them all in a line.

'Let's form an orderly queue, please.'

'Baa, uhhh... why are you in this queue?'

'Duh. Isn't it obvious. Cos the one in front of me is in it'

'Er, and why is she in it?'

'Cos the one in front of her is. Don't be so stupid. Join the queue like everyone else.'


  1. Love the sheep in a line. Much like our cows do sometimes. Great picture with the sheep and the pink sky.

  2. Those pictures look like Colorado at the moment... at least the way it looked the last time I saw it (last Tuesday) ... except the sheep would be cows...the conversation would be the same though; but with a cowgirl accent of course.

    I do love those sheep.
    Love and Greetings from Ohio

  3. Thanks for these beautiful pictures. I was traveling in central Florida last week and the weather was so warm. My wife and I can understand better why folk decide to move there. We came back through a snow flurry to our home in Virginia. I guess I would miss the snow too much to move.

    God's richest blessings on you and your household in the new year!


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