Wellies with a Difference

Katie got new wellies.

Catherine reckons she shouldn't be allowed onto the croft with them. "They are city wellies. Not crofters' wellies!"

Aren't they lovely?

I just can't see them in the peats.

Or covered in mud. Or worse - in ...well, er, you know - sheep poo.

On these flowers?! Surely not!

Maybe a bit fashionable for me. But at least someone flies the flag for good dressing in this house.

Now, while we're on the subject of footwear.... Hey, I'll have none of these comments, thank you. 

Today, the girls were tidying out the shoe cupboard, and I had to retrieve these....

...from the bin bag.

They were actually going to do it, and still don't realise I found them.

If anyone wants two girls..... they're going cheap.

If anyone wants boots like these.... go find your own. You aint getting mine!


  1. I really like the boots. Maybe because I came from the city before marrying a farmer. They are kind of city-ish. (Is that a word?) Around here, they would look like flowers, but smell like cattle, pigs, etc.,etc.

  2. I love her boots, and yours too! Your pair is much like the pair I found this summer on clearance at our local Tractor Supply store. I kid with a friend all the time, telling her it is my favorite store, beats anything at the mall. At least the clothing there is durable and not full of spandex. :o)

    Don't tell me your girls are like my eldest? Anytime something comes up missing we know she has decided it is time for it to be tossed. Once she has her own home, I can't wait to visit her and teasingly give her stuff a toss. I've warned her! ;o)

  3. Katie, they are AWESOME! Life is short - wear your beautiful wellies. You may get some strange looks from some sheep, but you'll smile when you look at your feet! oxo

  4. Gorgeous wellies! For a while I had some pink polka dot wellies and was the butt of many jokes when I would visit home. Eventually they won and when my wellies needed replacing I bought a sensible green pair from Murdo Macleans - they don't come more sensible than that!

    Tell your Katie not to listen to them. Crofters can be stylish too!

  5. Katie is delighted with all your comments, but Patrice, I thought when you said you liked the boots, I thought you meant *mine*....then I read on!
    Mrs C, you're all I need in the world, though my daughters have stroked you (as well as me) off their Christmas card list!
    Laurie, can you imagine the look on BB's face?! Can't wait to see!
    And Kirsteen, well - you couldn't get much more down-to-earth than that - green wellies from Murdo Maclean's!! Love it!
    Love, A x

  6. I'll have them!! The girls that is - not your boots!!

    Loving the wellies! Are they Cath Kidson?


  7. Yep, pretty sure I can imagine; maybe cause I've seen it in my family - we don't have sheep or live on a croft, but we have the no-nonsense men folk. The first time I proudly got my hammer out for my dad to use when he was over here helping me with something he said, "What in the world is that? It looks like a toy." I thought it was fine, but real hammers are bigger and heavier (and more painful).

  8. Love the Wellies and that you all call them that! Tell Katie they are beautiful even if they will be covered in mud, there is something pretty about roses peeking through. I wish I had a reason to get me a pair! :D

  9. I really love the wellies! Gorgeous!


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